My Perfect Breakdown


So the first visit was kind of what I expected. I started off by letting her know I’m a giant skeptic.  To which she assured me I’m not the first person to tell her this.  Then we went over my giant medical history, which is always fun times.  She didn’t press on the miscarriage history, but I suspect based on my tone and matter-of-fact attitude she got the hint that I’m not… Read More

I tried chicken, that did not work at all.  I ended up with sever diarrhea all night long.  I have not had the courage to try much else. So, I’m basically living off water, some Gatorade, and about 4-5 pieces of bread a day and a small bowl of rice at night, if I’ve have a good day. With just eating bread, I’m generally I am still experiencing diarrhea every few hours. … Read More