Naturopath Appointment Summary

So the first visit was kind of what I expected.

I started off by letting her know I’m a giant skeptic.  To which she assured me I’m not the first person to tell her this.  Then we went over my giant medical history, which is always fun times.  She didn’t press on the miscarriage history, but I suspect based on my tone and matter-of-fact attitude she got the hint that I’m not going there right now.  Basically, her first priority is to nail down what’s going on right now with my stomach, because unlike modern medicine / westernized medicine in my part of the world, she agrees with me that my starvation diet is an urgent problem.  Once we deal with that, then she wants to look at why I’m having these issues every few years.  I’m fine with this approach.

As for the current issues:

  • She agrees with my assessment that the gastritis/ulcer that started all of this back in May, is not the same issue as the diarrhea that started in June.  My GP also thinks this.  So nothing new there.
  • She agrees that Percocet is not a viable long term option.  She also agrees with my decision that it’s not even a temporary solution and my refusal to take it.
  • She really doesn’t want me going on and off Prevacid long term, it’s not a great drug for our bodies.  I don’t disagree, I’ve done a lot of reading on Prevacid and acid inhibiting drugs – and the recent studies about how they can shorten peoples lives just adds fuel to not wanting to be on these.  Clearly, I’d rather not take them too.  But I will add that she’s a former pharmacist, so I do think that she understands these drugs better then most.
  • After my H. Pylori test I started taking daily Thermacumin and Probiotics (I’d been told by many people that these help with stomach problems so I just went ahead and started them once the test was done).  She wants me to continue taking these, but she wants me on a different brand of probiotics.  That’s easy enough.
  • Her plan for supplements to help my stomach immediately:
    • She wants me to stay on Vitamin D, which is something I’ve taken for years.
    • She had me start UltraInflamX Plus 360.  Apparently it’s really good to help reduce inflammation in the gut and it has some basic nutrients in it which I clearly need right now.  Unfortunately, she warned me that it is basically the most disgusting tasting drink in the world.  So I purchased the flavour she said is the “best”.  And after 1 dose, I can confirm that she is absolutely right about this!  It is horrible!!  (And for the record, I’ll admit I have done absolutely no personal research on this, at the moment I’ve decided it cannot make me feel worse then I do right now so I just started it….maybe not my best plan ever, but I will do some reading over the weekend).
    • If the UltraInflamX works, in a few weeks she then wants me to add in something called Glutagenics.
    • As an aside, I have to add that I appreciated that she didn’t tell me I had to buy any of these things from her.  In fact, she gave me a list of pharmacies in our city that sell the products so I could choose where to purchase them.  In the end, I bought them from her because I didn’t have time to make another stop before picking up Little MPB and I appreciated that she wasn’t giving me a sales pitch.
  • She wants me to consider doing another stool sample.  Basically, she thinks the diarrhea is an indication that I may have some sort of parasite – which is what Mr. MPB and have been thinking given my Sushi meal 2 or 3 days before the diarrhea started.  The reason for a new test is that this one will be sent to a lab in the USA which tests for approximately 500 different things, including parasites.  Evidently the stool test I had done here a few weeks ago tests for about 10 things and does not include parasites.  And, what she said is really cool about this testing is that company will also tell you what to use to kill any parasites that they find living in your digestive tract (assuming they find any of course).  Basically, while she can treat the current symptoms I have, she cannot kill a parasite if she doesn’t know what it is (which makes sense to me). The cost for this is $480+ GST and it takes about 2 weeks to get the results.  Of course, we have no coverage for this.
  • Once I’ve been without diarrhea for a months she wants to do IgG food sensitivity testing.  Again, something not routinely done in my part of Canada.  In fact, only Immunologists can do this testing and have it paid for through our public health care.  She suspects something I keep eating is helping to trigger these gastritis/ulcer episodes.  This will cost $250+ GST.  And again, we have no coverage for this either.

So basically, right now I’m popping some pills, drinking a super nasty drink and hoping my stomach irritation continues to calms down.  And Mr. MPB and I are contemplating our desire to spend $480 to send my poop to the USA for more thorough testing.  We are both leaning towards forking out the money because it would be really nice to know if I have a parasite living inside me.

Other then that, I’ll just keep trying more foods, slowly and see what happens.  Eating very little amounts of food frequently seems to be helping me eat more without diarrhea.  So hopefully I can increase my intake of food from 2 bites an hour to real meals multiple times a day.  Also, hopefully I can start getting more protein into me and less carbs – I’m at the point where if I can live the rest of my life without eating bread I’ll probably be a happy person.

Oh, and I am going to continue to dream of the day I can have a Chai Tea Latte again.

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11 Comments on “Naturopath Appointment Summary

  1. I agree it would be nice to know if there are any parasites. I know its pricey but sounds worth it for peace of mind at least. I’m glad you guys have a plan in place and that the appointment went fairly well. Hopefully you are back to eating like normal soon!!

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    • I completely agree with you that ruling out a parasite just makes logical sense! Tbe stuff she had me start right away won’t interfere with the results so she said to take a few weeks and decide and see how I’m feeling just with the stuff I’m on now so I’m thinking I’ll wait a week or two.

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  2. I hope you have good results. I had a chronic fatigue diagnosis in high school that turned out to be a gut imbalance. I drank ultrainflamex twice a day for 6 months as a teen. It was awful, but the reality of being capable of functioning again made it 100% worth it.

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  3. I hope this works out for you. I’m sorry about the expensive testing that is not covered. How obnoxious and frustrating, to go with not being able to get in for treatment from a GI specialist. I hope the problem gets fixed.


  4. Oh wow, that’s a lot she can check! More than I expected from a naturopath, to be honest. Checking for parasites and all sorts of other issues is such a good idea. The gut is such a complicated place and I’m amazed our modern medical system hasn’t caught up to treating it like that.
    …I have to admit, though, seeing that it was $480 made me wonder how it could be so cheap. ^^() I’ve paid that much for a doctor’s visit with insurance, though, so my idea of cheap is a bit skewed.

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  5. I’m trying my hardest not to say something like that’s a crap load of money…but then I just said it,so… there’s that.
    Hope this all resolves your issues or at the very least gives you some answers and insight.


  6. This all sounds so positive!! Skeptic or not, if she can get to the root of all this it is worth it!! Hope you’re feeling better soon!


  7. I’d do any testing she suggests–I’d want to know. I feel you–I remember missing foods (such as chai tea lattes–with coconut milk) and I hope the stuff you are taking helps you feel better so you can eat! XOXO


  8. I really hope that something she does helps you out. I know that C would be happy to live on Puffs alone, but obviously that’s no way to sustain yourself! Good luck with this!! Oh also…I’d definitely do any testing that I could to try to figure out what in the world is going on! Thinking of you friend. *hugs*

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  9. That all sounds like a good plan of action to me! Annoying you have to pay for it out of pocket but you need to get your life back. Sorry about the yuck tasting drink. I wonder whether you could try mixing it with something else like orange juice to make it more bearable?


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