Waiting Through The Long Weekend

My H. Pylori test is now done.  And I have been told that the results will not be given to my doctor until after the long weekend.  So, I have to wait until Tuesday before I’ll get a possible answer/diagnosis or a referral to a GI specialist.  Needless to say I am not very happy about yet another wait.  Oh, and I should add that my doctor is going on vacation so I’ll be dealing with his Locum for the next few weeks.  Again, one more thing that is just not ideal.


But, I am happy about having a 3 day weekend!  Work has been extraordinarily challenging during the last few weeks thanks to the lack of basic nutrition I am struggling to focus on work (and blog writing too).  So I am excited about the thought of taking 3 days to not think about work.

I’m excited about the prospect of spending 3 days at home with Mr. MPB and Little MPB.  As I’m finding myself very tired these days (due to essentially starving myself) we wont do much this weekend.  In fact, I think we will probably skip the massive Canada Day celebrations (which I’m totally fine with after going last year and realizing Little MPB will still be too young for almost all of the kid activities).  Honestly, I think a quiet weekend is exactly what the MPB household needs.  Little MPB is happiest when he is outside, and thankfully the forecast looks promising.  So, with a bit of sunscreen we will probably spend our days playing in the yard and playing at the neighbourhood park.

I’m rather confident that our quiet weekend will be a lovely weekend.

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3 Comments on “Waiting Through The Long Weekend

  1. I hope you have a good family weekend, and that you get some sort of answers ASAP! Thinking of you constantly my friend. *hugs*


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