Celebrations, Crafts, Friends, Babies & Dogs

What a weekend it’s been!!

First up – Baby MPB’s first Canada Day.  I started the day by ditching Baby MPB and Mr. MPB to check out a new spin studio in our neighbourhood – it was my first time back to spin class since our first miscarriage, and my first time back to intense exercise since my breast reduction surgery exactly a month before.  It was awesome, and I signed up for their grand opening summer deal.  Then, we decided to partake in the big city celebrations.  Which essentially meant we went for a family walk with 200,000+ of our closest friends, in the heat.  Needless to say, that did not last long and we probably wont be back next year.  However, in a few years time I suspect we will make an evening appearance for fireworks.  Until then, thanks but no thanks.

20160704 - Celebration3

Next, much to our surprise and enjoyment, Baby MPB fell in love with our dog this weekend.  It didn’t seem to matter what hte dog did, he just sat in admiration laughing, giggling and smiling.  And the dog, she patiently stared at him the entire time.  I suspect we finally are watching a budding friendship unfold before our eyes.  (But, that doesn’t means I’ll relax around the two of them – our beloved family dog is still a 90 lbs dog, and I’m still working really hard to make sure our dog doesn’t eat our baby).

20160704 - Celebration4

Then, we had friends surprise us with dinner and drinks on Saturday evening.  They brought all the fixings for a lovely BBQ and drinks for the night.  We were able to put Baby MPB to bed and enjoy a warm evening in the backyard under our patio heater.  An evening of adult conversation and a few too many drinks was a nice treat!  (I’ll admit, I have no idea why or how this picture has a green glow to it).




And then, we did something this Mommy never thought she’d do.  In an effort to celebrate USA Independence Day, we debated multiple food items, as suggested to me from some of my USA friends – like this one or this one.  For two armature foodies, you’d think we would have jumped right into creating a USA themed dish or two.  But, we decided Baby MPB couldn’t enjoy them this year. So, we booked marked the websites for next year and decided to do something completely out of my comfort zone – we made a craft! As suggested to me, I scoured Pinterest and found this homemade USA onesie.  We decided to attempt our own.  And while not perfect or nearly as good as the inspiration onesie, I think we did an alright job.  In fact, I think our USA onesie is way cuter then the store bought Canadian one.

20160704 - Celebration

201607040 - Celebration2

And so, today we will celebrate USA Independence Day from the comfort (and quiet) of our own home.  Let the fun begin…..after Baby MPB goes for his immunizations.

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18 Comments on “Celebrations, Crafts, Friends, Babies & Dogs

  1. I’m happy to hear you’ve had a fun weekend!! Our 4th isn’t going to be very fun…it’s supposed to storm here ALL DAY!! So no cooking out, no going to the pool, no fireworks tonight. We’re kinda bummed, but we’re going to get some things done around the house instead. Hope baby’s shots go well, and you have a nice relaxing day! Oh and I love the onesie you made!!

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  2. Baby handprints are notoriously hard to do! Anytime I’m making a project for Mom’s and Dad’s the involves prints, I go for the foot because it’s so much easier. I know, it doesn’t look nearly like a star like the hand does, lol. I think you did a fantastic job on the onesie though…so cute!

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  3. So sweet that Baby MPB is noticing and loving your dog! Baby O has really been exercising her vocal cords with happy shrieks. A few times they were so loud that she would flatten one or the other of our two cats if they were too close to her. So far no friendship there!

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  4. ADORABLE! Mad props for the handprint too — I tried a pair of blue footprints for a Father’s Day card and it took me four tries and they still came out kind of smudgey. That actually looks like a handprint, for which you have my utmost respect! 🙂 Also, I love the dog story. S still basically ignores our dog, but since he’s about a month younger than MPB (I think…) I now have hope that their inevitable love affair might be imminent!

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  5. I love seeing pets and babies start to bond!! Sweetest thing ever! Also love that onesie…

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