Canada Day & USA Independence Day

Our son will have dual citizenship once his adoption is finalized and the Canadian immigration paperwork is all sorted out.  It will take time, but it will happen.

I think this is an amazing thing for his future:

He can live and work in either country (should he want to).

He has 2 countries worth of universities/colleges open to him (should he chose to attend university). 

He can vote in two countries (should he want to).

He can pay taxes in two countries (okay, this probably isn’t a good thing for him).

He has twice as many country birthdays to celebrate – Canada Day (July 1) and USA Independence Day (July 4).

20150712 - 100HappyDays_Day360Technically he is not a Canadian citizen yet.  But, tomorrow is Canada Day, we live in Canada and he has essentially all the rights of a Canadian citizen already.  So, while I technically have absolute no authority to do so, I’ve decided he is already an honourary Canadian citizen.  So we are we are taking tomorrow off and celebrating!  Baby MPB will be wearing a cute little Canada onesie.  There are many fun family friendly events happening today to mark Canada’s 149th birthday, so we are going to check out at least one of them out.  It should be fun.

As he is also a USA citizens, as he was born in the USA, I’m looking for a fun way to celebrate the Fourth of July as well.  This is a first for Mr. MPB and I as we’ve never paid much attention to this holiday before.  But, as we are committed to raising Baby MPB knowing his roots, I decided the this holiday seems like a fun excuse to celebrate and Mr. MPB is humoring me.  So, in preparing for our first ever Fourth of July, I wanted to find a cute little USA onesie.  But, that has been essentially impossible here (even online it appears no company seems to want to ship one to Canada for an evenly slightly acceptable price).  And there are no organized parties/celebrations happening either.  So, I have to come up with something to do in our house, with no USA stuff on hand.  So, to all my American friends, any ideas??

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23 Comments on “Canada Day & USA Independence Day

  1. You should have said something sooner, I would have been more than happy to send you a patriotic USA outfit for him! They’ve been in the stores here for about a month now! Typical US 4th of July celebrations entail a BBQ cookout and hanging out with family and friends, with fireworks at night. Of course that’s not what EVERYONE does, but it’s the standard. I’m actually not sure what we’re doing yet to celebrate, as we haven’t had time to discuss it. Those are my ideas for you, though!! They do always put the fireworks that are done at the White House on TV, but I’m not sure they would have it on up where you are? I hope whatever you do you have a fun day!

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    • You are so kind Amy, I didn’t even think to ask! And I’ve been looking for at least a month now. Maybe next year I’ll have to take you up on your offer! 🙂
      And thanks for the ideas. If you can believe it we don’t have cable so no live TV for us. (We do have netflix, so it’s not like we are entirely living in the dark ages).

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      • Just let me know, I’d be happy to send you something! You’d just need to let me know what size he wears at the time.
        We don’t have Netflix, just cable. I already watch/record so many shows, I feel like we just don’t need another excuse to watch TV lol!!

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  2. So fun! I’d say anything red, white, and blue themed would be good-I’m sure Pinterest has loads of celebration ideas. We’re actually skipping the fireworks this year because Vinny does NOT like loud noises. Not to mention they don’t start until 10:00, and that’s super late for him as well!

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    • I’m going to head over to Pinterest and check out some simple ideas. Thanks for the suggestion!
      We too are definitely skipping the Canada Day fireworks this year. There is no way we are keeping a baby up until 10pm just so he will cry through the loud sounds. Maybe in a few years. 🙂


  3. I was laughing so hard at the two taxes comment! You are so funny. I second the red, white, and blue comment above. Should be easy to find. Have fun celebrating both holidays with your lovely little family!!

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    • Ya, the tax thing completely sucks. But, finding some red, white and blue ideas. I’m going to go check out pinterest to see what I can do with my very limited creative skills. 🙂


  4. Red white and blue treats are the way to go! You can do watermelon and blueberries and whipper cream, which is delish. Hot dogs and hamburgers are also 100% patriotic. Here we usually just celebrate by having a grill-out with friends, maybe making some cake (angelfood with strawberries & blueberries is another red, white, & blue dessert). When I was a kid, we’d go to a water park all day and watch fireworks at night and complain about itchy mosquito bites the next day.
    Let us know how you choose to celebrate!


  5. I am ashamed that I have not read any blogs in forever. I am SO happy for you and Mr. MPB. Much love to you both and your little boy! ❤

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  6. On a more solemn note, recite the Gettysburg Address. When I was a girl, I got to recite it at the town celebration. It’s a profound elegy and dedication to the ideals for which both Canadians and Americans have ventured their lives.

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  7. Happy Canada day!!! Hope you have a fun day off!!!
    Our little one will have US citizenship too and I guess we will have to think about these things too! I think it’s lovely that you are not closing that door for him 😊 Although it’s easier for us being here in the US to celebrate…We will need to make sure our little one understands our British traditions and heritage too!!
    I will happily send you some 4 July goodies (maybe a bit late now 😳) or any other future American holiday goodies!! Just let me know 😊
    As for celebrations, hmmm…well we are hosting a “have it your own way” party on the 4th (Chris thinks he’s funny 🙄) which will involve hanging out in the garden, playing cornhole and having a BBQ, followed by watching some fireworks (prob not good for a baby though!!).

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