Post Placement Adoption Process

With adoption it’s not quite like you come home from the hospital and life moves on with a new tiny life.

Yes, that’s clearly a big part of it and that’s awesome and amazing.  BUT, we do have adoption specific things that must be done in the coming months:

Step 1. Post Placement Home Visits.  These will be done at per-arranged times during the first 6 months of Baby MPB’s life.  In complete contrast to when we did our initial home study, I actually find these enjoyable.  And, now that I’m relaxed about it all, I do not clean up at all before hand as we figure our social worker can see us for who we are.  Really, it’s enjoyable because I really like our social worker and we just chat about what we’ve been up to.  Like, doctor’s appointments, visits with family and friends, mommy and baby classes, and visits to the zoo and museums.  She takes notes and plays with Baby MPB (unless he’s sleeping, in which case he just sleeps).  For us, these visits really don’t cause stress.  We just see them as a necessary part of the process.  And really, it’s kind of fun to showing Baby MPB off.

Step 2. Adoption Finalization.  This is when the courts in the USA say, yes, Mr. MPB and I are who we say we are and we are doing just fine with baby MPB.  We shouldn’t have to be present for court date, but there is a chance we will skype into the meeting and a very slim chance we could be required to fly to be there in person.  We will be required to provide a complete accounting of all the money we’ve spent to be submitted to the court.  So, while we made the decision not to know the exact dollar figure, we will have to go back and figure it out now.  As well, at this time Baby MPB’s original birth certificate will forever be sealed and a new one issued with our names on it (I find this weird and archaic).  We do not have a say in this, and I am thankful our lawyers got us an original copy of his original birth certificate so he can have it if he ever wants it.  Oh, and we have to pay yet another adoption bill at this time.  I’m sure there will be more expectations on us as we get closer to a finalization court date, but for now that’s all I know.  As for the timelines to finalization, the actual finalization will likely not happen until Baby MPB is 8-10 months old because the home visits must be done and then the court date must be set in a very busy court system which focuses on emergency/urgent foster care children (which I fully support and understand).

As far as the adoption finalization process goes, truthfully it’s not causing us any stress, it’s all in the hands of our lawyer who has been really good to us throughout this process.  Further, all birth-parents signed off on the adoption prior to his birth so we wont have any complications there.  And, we also know that it will happen, it’s just a matter of time and procedures.  So, there is really no reason to worry.

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8 Comments on “Post Placement Adoption Process

  1. How wonderful that you have a copy of baby’s original birth certificate! I agree with you, that sealing them and issuing new ones seems archaic. It feels fake to me, like in the old days when people denied that their kids were adopted and needed a birth certificate to prove it. Funny! I’m glad you got that for him because he’ll probably like having it since he’ll know about first/birth mom. I think a birth certificate is a nice connection for him. ❤

    It’s all downhill from here!!!! What a relief for you all!

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  2. Crazy to think that there’s still so much you have to do to finalize everything! You’d think that once you have your baby, things would be settled. I’m sure everything from here on out will go smoothly and you won’t have any other surprises!!

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  3. Time is going to fly until baby MPB is finally yours in the eyes of the court. At least everything is easy(ish) from this point forward. I wonder if the birth certificate will say birth mother – adoptive mother and father…..or just mother/father. It’s a weird thing that I guess I hadn’t really even thought about. Hopefully you guys can stay in Canada and skype into the hearing. That’s a long way to travel with a baby in tow.

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  4. I’m so happy to hear that things are going well and you’re not stressing about this. How are you doing otherwise? Especially with all that sickness you had going on! Hope all is well and that the nanny is continuing to work out.

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  5. The social workers really are on your side as much as they are on the side of the birth parent. I think its great you continue to share the steps it takes to adopt. Glad to hear there is no stress with the next phase…its just a matter of time and paperwork….and in any business that can take so much longer than it should.

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