Finding A Nanny

I am still not thrilled about having to find childcare for Baby MPB while he is so young.  But, we’ve come to realize we need to.  It simply isn’t fair to Baby MPB to be juggled while we attempt to work, and it also isn’t fair to our clients for us to be disengaged with their projects.  (Although, truthfully, I care more about Baby MPB’s well being then my clients).

I knew that there was no way I was putting Baby MPB into a daycare at his age.  In fact, daycare’s here don’t even seem to take infants until 6 months old.  (A few take them at 3 months, but I would have had to put him on a waiting list at least 9 months ago, and clearly wasn’t possible).  We also realize we aren’t ready to leave Baby MPB with someone unattended, at least not yet.  So, we’ve decided that we need to hire someone to come to our house.  We also know for the first while, we’ll work our schedules to be sure that one of us is always working from home while the nanny is here.  This way, we are here if we are needed and we can get work done while the nanny takes care of diapers, feeding and playing with Baby MPB.  It seemed to be the best solution for our circumstances.

So, I posted an add on caredotcom.  Our requirements were:

  • a few days a week.  Flexible on days, but need a constant schedule.
  • CPR is ideal.
  • need to provide their own transportation to our house.
  • must be at our house.
  • must be good with a large dog and willing to walk her.
  • be willing to do a few errands from time to time.
  • be willing to do light housekeeping (i.e. laundry, keep the house clean).

Within 24 hours, we had 24 applicants respond to the ad.

I sat down and began reading their emails and their resumes.  I easily tossed aside about half of them due to a lack of qualifications (i.e. no transportation, no CPR, etc.).

Then Mr. MPB read through them and did a second cut.

We narrowed it down to about 5 that we wanted to meet.  So we began interviewing:

First interview was okay.  But when she left, we both knew she wasn’t for us.

Second interview didn’t show up.  So, clearly we are not interested in her.

Third interview cancelled on us as she decided to move and didn’t want to commute to our house.  Fair enough, I appreciated the heads up.

Fourth interview had no previous nanny experience but a retired nurse who had has raised her own children.  She was super chatty which could prove distracting to me as I’m super chatty.  The catch, she wanted to bring her toddler with her.  We saw the positive of this being that Baby MPB would get social interaction.  The negative would be the noise for us while trying to work and we wondered if Baby MPB would really get the attention he deserves and that we sre paying for.  But she was nice and knows how to care for young children.

Fifth interview.  A university student, with previous nanny experience with awesome references.  Growing up her mom ran a day-home, so she has spent more time around children then we have.  She’s calm, quiet and really nice.

In the end, we’ve decided to go with number 5.  We are doing a week trial to see if we like her and she likes us.  My hopes are high as she offered to stay late to help out while I’m sick and her demeanor is a good fit for us, and she seems comfortable with such a young baby.  Here’s to hoping she’s the good fit we envision!

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21 Comments on “Finding A Nanny

  1. Very cool to see how quickly you received so many responses! I hope she works out perfectly for you. We may be in the same boat soon, as my husband’s business is picking up and we’re not certain my mom is the right long-term, every day solution to caring for the twins while I work outside the home.


    • I did not realize my interrupted thought was posted. Hahaha! Sorry!
      I’m so jealous you found someone as I’m going through a similar process of trying to find help through and so far it’s been an epic disaster. Wish me luck!


  2. I would’ve made the same choice. I worked as a nanny to put myself through university and I am still in touch with the family I nannied for. I loved those kids fiercely and still do, all these years later! I hope she is a good fit for your family. It sounds like she will be!

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  3. I hope #5 works out for you! She sounds great and it’s wonderful that she was willing to jump in and help out for longer than originally intended. It says a lot about her. 🙂


  4. Sounds like a fantastic fit! I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful bond between the nanny and the baby. Charlotte LOVES her nanny–I feel like we won the lottery with her. It’s such a great feeling when you have someone you really trust with your child.


  5. I wish I could come be your nanny…then I could take care of your baby and be done with my crap job!!! Hope that everything goes fabulously for you!!

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  6. This is my life!! We tried to juggle full time work and full time baby after my maternity leave ended at three months. So so hard!! We still can only afford part-time help (and now at the nanny’s house as my son is 7 months and is way too distracting for me as I work from home). The days I’m still doing both are exhausting, so I hear you (and I have a lot of help from the spouse too).


  7. I also was like, “I’ll apply!” – momentarily forgetting my full time job, toddler and IF ongoing part-time job. Love my nanny memories with a killer fam, and still in touch after all these years. Hope she is a great fit. There will be initial growing pains with someone both in your home and taking over some care for little Mr. Your Whole World, but it will be a beautiful and healthy compromise with the right match.
    PS. CPR = a must, IMHO! 😉


  8. This sounds super promising 😉😉😉😀😘😎. I’m hoping she’s the perfect long term fit. What a relief that’ll be.

    Do you guys have a big house? Do you share an office? Just wondering re: logistics.

    Oh and I had a great chuckle becuz according to my MIL knowing infant cpr is silly and here you are, smartly, making it a requirement!


    • Not a huge house, but definitely big enough for us and a baby. We do share an office (never thought I’d share and office with my husband). Our office is what most poeple would use as a living room. So we aren’t in the main living space where baby and nanny hang out during the day. Not sure how it will work as baby becomes mobile but we deal that issue when we get there.
      Oh and we just signed up for a 2 hour free infant cpr seminar because we will NEVER regret knowing infant cpr!

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  9. Oh, best of luck! It is a chemistry thing. Working from home helps–but it is hard when she is caring for baby and you desperately want to be. Am hoping you get the best of all worlds . . .


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