My Perfect Breakdown


Yesterday we had an impromptu mid-week family visit this week. It turned out we had family in town from far far away.  But, no-one thought to pre-plan anything or even tell us.  So, with less then 24 hours notice, we found out we were having a mini family reunion at our house. Thankfully it was mid-day so I didn’t have to cook for everyone.  And even better, Mr. MPB stayed up late… Read More

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Sunday Fun Day post.  Honestly, I doubt it’s going to come back as a regular occurrence anytime soon.  But today, I have time, so why not? . We have a new favourite time in our house: Smiley Time! When Baby MPB first started smiling he’d only smile for Daddy.  In fact, if I came into his sight the smile would vanish instantly and… Read More