Sunday Fun Day: Smiley Time

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Sunday Fun Day post.  Honestly, I doubt it’s going to come back as a regular occurrence anytime soon.  But today, I have time, so why not?


We have a new favourite time in our house:

Smiley Time!

When Baby MPB first started smiling he’d only smile for Daddy.  In fact, if I came into his sight the smile would vanish instantly and his face would essentially turn to stone.  Which would result in massive laughter from Daddy.  (Ya, I took it personally).

Now, Baby MPB loves to smile.  He smiles all the time.  He loves to smile after a big burp, because seriously, it feels good!  And, he especially loves to smile as soon as he wakes up and he sees either Mommy or Daddy.  Smiley time seems to last longer and longer every single time.  And we’ve even heard a few little giggles.

Honestly, Smiley Time is my new favourite time of day.  Even when it’s 4am.

Nothing in my entire life has ever made me happier then when I see my son smiling!

Now, if only I can find a way to bottle up Smiley Time so I never forget just how amazing it is.  But of course, whenever I try to capture it on camera he stops, probably because my camera is so big that he’s confused by it.  But still, I keep hoping one day I’ll capture the perfect smiley time smile.

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17 Comments on “Sunday Fun Day: Smiley Time

  1. Isn’t it the best!! I basically make myself into the silliest thing I can to get as many smiles and giggles possible! And I Agree it’s the best even at 4am!!

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  2. Aaaaaaa, I love smiley time! So cute. And also funny that he used to stop smiling when you came into the room (sorry haha). I can just picture his little expressive face getting all serious!

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  3. This!
    This is the very reason I want a child so very much. For smiley time.
    I got some serious feels reading this 🙂 Not that I have ever doubted how much I want a child, but this helped re-affirm it 🙂

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