My Perfect Breakdown


It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Sunday Fun Day post.  Honestly, I doubt it’s going to come back as a regular occurrence anytime soon.  But today, I have time, so why not? . We have a new favourite time in our house: Smiley Time! When Baby MPB first started smiling he’d only smile for Daddy.  In fact, if I came into his sight the smile would vanish instantly and… Read More

In an attempt to overcome my whining and complaining about life, and my man cold we attempted to have some fun this week.  And took a few nice photos while we were at it. First, an impromptu day trip to the mountains.  I always feel better about life when I can spend time in the mountains.  Somehow I am always more peaceful and content. Second, a beautiful barn in a winter wonderland. … Read More