Sunday Fun Day: A Week With Nature

In an attempt to overcome my whining and complaining about life, and my man cold we attempted to have some fun this week.  And took a few nice photos while we were at it.

First, an impromptu day trip to the mountains.  I always feel better about life when I can spend time in the mountains.  Somehow I am always more peaceful and content.

20151213 - SundayFunDay_4

Second, a beautiful barn in a winter wonderland. 

20151213 - SundayFunDay_2

Third, a surprise stumble upon this beautiful bald eagle.

20151213 - Sunday Fun Day_1

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15 Comments on “Sunday Fun Day: A Week With Nature

  1. Snow snow snow!!!! As Amy said it has been weirdly warm, shorts type, weather here!!! I am jealous.

    Your bald eagle pic is fantastic! It’s such a challenge to photograph birds in cold weather! I just hope your trip helped your cold rather than make it worse 😉

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    • It’s been weirdly warm here too! Not shorts warm, but still warm.
      That bald eagle photo made my week. I love it so much I may just frame it.
      As for the cold, I cannot seem to kick it. It’s really the worst cold I’ve had in at least a few years!

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  2. Lovely! I agree with all the others that the snow pictures are particularly striking when temps are in the 60s here this weekend. 🙂 Your beautiful pictures kind of make me excited for snow, actually!

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  3. I am so very jealous of your snow! So far, it’s looking like we’ll be having a green Christmas here and we really wanted to take all the kids sledding again when we do Christmas with my Sisters here on the 27th. 😦

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