The Start of A New Tradition: Sunday Fun Day

Now that I’ve done with my 365 days of happy, it means that I don’t have a regularly scheduled Sunday post.

So, I’ve decided to start something new. Every Sunday I am going to try to share something fun that happened during the week.  I have no idea what it will be (mainly because I don’t have a crystal ball to have any idea what I will be up-to each week).  Some weeks I may share one or two things.  Some weeks may include photos, some may not.


This week I am sharing our adventures of organic saskatoon berry picking.  These are some of the berries that we picked for our massive jam/jelly making marathon.

It turns out Mr. MPB is much better at picking berries then I.  Although, I maintain that it’s because I was busy playing with the camera.  Oh, and I ate just as many berries as I picked.  But, regardless of who was more efficient at berry picking, it was a beautiful evening and we had a great time.

While I wasn’t the most effective or efficient berry picker, I did pick up the slack when we got home and I cleaned all the berries (of course I continued to eat one or two while washing them).

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24 Comments on “The Start of A New Tradition: Sunday Fun Day

  1. Cool! We grow saskatoon berries (we call them service berries here) in our garden, but the birds always seem to get first dibs, so there is never enough for jam. They look delicious!

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  2. How fun! How long did it take to get the stains off of your hands? lol…When I was little we would go camping, for either a long weekend or up to 2 weeks at a time. REAL camping, with tents and no running water or bathrooms! Where we went, there were tons of berry bushes. We would pick so many blackberries and raspberries! We ate a lot while there, but my mom always had plenty to make into jam when we got home. So many awesome memories!

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    • The stains actually washed right off! We were both pleasantly surprised!
      I too remember my mom making jam every summer when we were little. Raspberries came from our backyard, and I wish we could find some blackberries to pick and enjoy, they are so delicious!

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    • Yes, you are fortunate! We stumbled upon a great little farm that grows them in their yard and just let’s people come and pay on the honour system. We will definitely go back next year!


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