My Perfect Breakdown


We had managed to make it over half the month of eating only home cooked meals. Day 11: September 11, 2017: Home-made chili from the freezer.  The Adult MPB’s thought the meal tasted great and loved how easy it was to make.  unfortunately Little MPB absolutely hated chili!  As in, he hated it so much that we may never attempt giving him chili ever again.  He ended up eating some yogurt, toast… Read More

How is it already September 1?  I’ve never before in my life wished for August to end, but this year has been different.  I wonder, can a simple flip of the calendar really make a big difference to one’s state of mind?  I don’t know, but I sure am hopeful! Anyways, I thought I’d share another slightly funny thing about how August fizzled out for us. Those who know us, know that… Read More