My Perfect Breakdown


It’s been a VERY long time since I posted a Sunday Fun Day post.  But, after the questions I received on IG from a picture I posted last Sunday I thought this was worthy of an actual post too. . Last weekend Mr. MPB and I managed to make 13 or 14 crock-pot freezer meals.  One very expensive trip to Costco to purchase the meat and most of the veggies and another stop at… Read More

Baby MPB never seizes to amaze me.  He can cross a room in 2 seconds simply by rolling.  Weve decided that we require immediate baby proofing.  And I’m officially slightly scared of the next few months, but also very excited!  We love to cook.  So of course, our child currently hates basically all food.  Except pureed meat sauce and spaghetti squash pasta.  This kid is weird. It feels like all of our… Read More