My Perfect Breakdown


Mr. MPB recently asked me a seemingly simple question:  If you could keep only 1 memory from your life, what would it be? I tend to hate these types of questions.  I’m not a big fan of what if games.  Because in my experience they are usually just a rabbit hole that are better left unexplored.  But alas, this time I partook. But before I could answer, he said Oh, that’s a hard question… Read More

Yesterday we had an impromptu mid-week family visit this week. It turned out we had family in town from far far away.  But, no-one thought to pre-plan anything or even tell us.  So, with less then 24 hours notice, we found out we were having a mini family reunion at our house. Thankfully it was mid-day so I didn’t have to cook for everyone.  And even better, Mr. MPB stayed up late… Read More