My Perfect Breakdown


Yesterday we had an impromptu mid-week family visit this week. It turned out we had family in town from far far away.  But, no-one thought to pre-plan anything or even tell us.  So, with less then 24 hours notice, we found out we were having a mini family reunion at our house. Thankfully it was mid-day so I didn’t have to cook for everyone.  And even better, Mr. MPB stayed up late… Read More

Christmas is here!  It’s hard to believe another year has passed. The last few days have been unexpectedly rough, and so I am beyond thankful we stuck to our convictions and are having a quiet Christmas at home together. I have to admit, I’m still feeling a bit off from the last few days, but I am also determined to get out of my funk and lift myself back up. And so,… Read More