Random Life Updates

It feels like a list kind of day.

  • We went out for Mr. MPB’s work Christmas party on Sunday.  (I still don’t know why a Christmas party was in March and on a Sunday night).  Little MPB had a great time with his former nanny and went to bed just fine without us.  We also had a good time.  Except on Monday morning I was wickedly hung over.  It amazes me that back in the day in university I could drink copious amounts of alcohol night after night.  Now, I just have a few glasses of red wine and a shot of Tequila, and I’m down and out.  To be fair, I realized at the time that I probably just shouldn’t have had that shot.
  • Work is insane for Mr. MPB and I this week. In fact, the remainder of March is going to be busier then we’d like. We are literally like passing ships in the night.  I’m already excited for Friday because we have absolutely nothing planned for the entire weekend.
  • Something happened with Doodle MPB on Saturday.  It’s like a switch flipped in her brain and now she’s no longer whining/crying/screaming/howling/barking 24/7.  She’s still talkative, but normal puppy talkative.  After days of constant whining, I’ll admit her whining still grates on our nerves.  But we can actually hear ourselves think again!
  • Potty training is coming along for Little MPB!  We fully attribute it to Doodle MPB.  You see LIttle MPB wants to go outside with Doodle MPB every time we take her to the potty (don’t worry we aren’t letting them pee in the backyard together – When Doodle MPB goes outside, Little MPB asks to go potty so he goes to the indoor, human bathroom).  Unlike our first potty training attempt, we are still not pushing him at all and are just going to let him lead us.  But, he’s asking to sit on the potty a few times everyday and he’s using it sometimes too!!  He’s even asking at daycare now!  And, honestly, I think we are just going to take a back seat to daycare – they can do all the hard work this time.
  • Potty training the puppy is coming along slowly.  It’s like we have 2 good days, then 1 bad day.  But, we also realize she’s just 9 weeks old and she’s probably exactly where she should be for her age.  Both of us will be very excited when she can hold her bladder through the night.
  • I got a call from my GI Clinic yesterday.  All the blood work and the Small Bowel Follow Through with Abdominal X-Rays Wrapper both came back perfectly normal.  This was very much the expected results.  But, the nurse was very direct and clear with me that I am to call the GI doctors personal cell phone number when I have my next attack.  It could be next month or six months from now or 2 years from now.  So, basically we are just waiting until next time.  (Although I still need to write about my Immunologist appointment – that was fascinating and could provide an important piece to this puzzle).

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10 Comments on “Random Life Updates

  1. My parents are bringing home an 8 week old golden retriever puppy today. All I can think about is you guys and the doodle. I’m really glad to hear that things are improving! Can’t wait to hear about that immunologist appointment!


    • I’m now a firm believer 8 weeks is too young. But your parents have another dog right? That would probably make it better. I so hope they don’t end up with a screamer!!!!


      • No, they lost their golden about 5 or 6 months ago. Should be interesting! Of course my dad is basically free to cater to the pup’s every need. He doesn’t work and he doesn’t have much going on besides Charlotte.


  2. I love when people’s posts make me laugh out loud. “No we don’t let them pee outside together”. So funny!

    Glad the GI stuff is normal (but sometimes it would be nice to have an answer…right????)


  3. Oh boy do I hear you on the hangovers. I had some bud lights on my last day after work. More than I should have, but still, I’ve been able to handle way more before. And I was hungover for 3 days!!! Aging sucks!

    Glad puppy is doing better and that Little MPB is picking up on potty training!!!


  4. I love the picture of the shot! I hope y’all had fun even if there was Hangover! And yay for potty training! I think your approach is a good one!


  5. Yay for flipping the puppy switch! 8 weeks is still so little, and she must be changing so quickly just like a newborn human! It’s funny, even though I’ve had dogs most of my life, I’ve never experienced that stage — my childhood dog we brought home when he was 4 months old (which seemed old at the time but now I sort of think was just perfect), and our current dog we adopted from a rescue group when she was ~1-2 years old — still with some of that crazy puppy energy to work off, but literally no potty training at all, which was a huge win. I’m sure doodle MPB will be super attached to you guys in the end, though, since she will never remember another human (or doggie!) family — that’s the real benefit of all the hard work you guys are putting in!

    Can’t wait to hear about the immunologist appointment — I hope they have some answers for you! And good luck with the human potty training — sounds like Little MPB is getting the hang of it!


  6. Yay for potty training lol we are about to hit that road again soon. I pretty much let daycare do it all with S too and it went really smoothly! Lol

    I always feel so robbed when I have a hangover after drinking hardly anything. Like you might as well have had the 4 shots of tequila and REALLY made it fun if you were going to feel so bad!! 🤣🤣🤣


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