Daycare Transition

When we signed Baby MPB up for daycare, we also requested a few warm-up daycare days.  So, while Baby MPB doesn’t actually start full-time daycare for a few more weeks, he will begin the transition right away.  The plan is that he will slowly exposed to the daycare.  He will get to explore the centre, play with other children, play with new toys and meet all the staff.

We are planning a slow but stead introduction over the next few weeks.  The tentative plan is for one day a week.  The first visit will be a few hours, and I will be there the entire time.  The second visit, if all goes well, will be a bit longer and hopefully I can sneak out for a little bit so that he can play without me.  And the third visit will hopefully be even longer and without me.  And then, hopefully, he’ll be ready for a full day.

Of course, we do realize that with all the best laid plans, it may go nothing like this.  Who knows, maybe he’ll instantly love daycare so much that he wont care if I’m not around.  Or, maybe he’ll have a complete breakdown when I leave, and we’ll need more days of adjusting.  Truthfully, I’m hoping he absolutely loves it right away.


So today is our first daycare play-date.  Baby MPB and I will be spending a few hours this morning at the daycare.  I’ll be there the entire time.  Right now I expect that I’ll probably ask a thousand questions, and he’ll probably just play and try to eat all the toys (he’s currently pushing through his 5th tooth in 3 weeks!!)

Honestly, I expect that Baby MPB will happily play with the new toys and other children.  And, I fully expect that I will struggle with every single second.

I still believe our decision to send Baby MPB to daycare is the best decision for Baby MPB.  But I fully acknowledge my mommy heart isn’t ready for this.

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14 Comments on “Daycare Transition

  1. Awww.. good luck hon..
    Its never easy for mommy, but think about it this way.. whoever picks baby MPB from daycare get giant hugs and kisses. A slobbers all over me when I pick him up… its my best part of the day…


  2. I’m glad that you get to do the gradual entry into his daycare. We did this for our son for a week and by the time I had to go back to work, he was fully engrained in their routine and already loved the caregivers and toys. Each day he stayed a little bit longer and would go through the big moments like morning snack, lunch, then afternoon nap, then afternoon snack. Not once did we have tears because of the slow transition. I think every daycare should offer the gradual entry opportunity. I hope it goes well for baby MPB and you today!!

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  3. At 11 months we put our daughter in daycare for socialization. There are days were she is fine and days she cries when I drop her off and it pretty much makes me cry every time. Our daycare mom has probably seen us both cry equally as much! 😉 And the best part of my day by far is picking her up, she gets so excited and runs over into my arms!! ❤️


  4. Good luck. I know it will be hard for you.
    It’s great that you are able to do a transition. I feel as though for those children that skip off happily into daycare without an issue that is great, but it could be a bit more upsetting for those that don’t and transition is a great way to ensure they have a happy and smooth transition

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  5. Daycare was an amazing decision for us. Wyatt loves it and all his friends. It may be hard in the beginning, but soon you will see how much he learns there and I’m sure it will all work out. Hang in there Momma. Sometimes the transition is harder on us.

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  6. Crèches are great. He may cry for the first while but he’ll be fine as soon as you’re gone. Hard on mums, but worth it in the long run. Good luck!


    • Thanks Sondra! I’m glad day 1 went well, now I’m just hoping day 2 goes well. I have no idea how they are going to get him to nap on a cot, but I figure he’s not the first kid they have done this with and that’s their problem to solve. 🙂


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