This Time Is Different

So we are just over 1 week into having Doddle MPB, and I’ve realized things are very different with this puppy.

Dog MPB was our only child for a number of years. And when I say child, she truly was our child and she was the center of our world. We took her to a few rounds of puppy training and when she was about 1 year old we hired a private trainer to help work out some kinks (i.e. 90 lbs jumping dog). She had free reign of the house. When we had to go away without her, she never spent a night in a kennel, instead we always asked friends to dogsit. She ate only the best of the best foods (in part because of her life-long tummy problems). As far as dogs are concerned, she lived the life of a princess.

When our human child came along, I continued to put a huge emphasize on Dog MPB. In fact, I’d say we made Little MPB adjust to life in the family, not Dog MPB. Dog MPB was here first, so we decided not to expect her to change her life for the kid. So much so that the kid spent time in a pack-n-play and baby safe areas.

Once Little MPB came along, we had lots of people ask us when we were going to get rid of the dog (I still don’t understand that thinking). But for us, it was never an unsafe situation that needed intervention so re-homing her was never something we thought of. In fact, it simply wasn’t an option. Instead, we had friends greet the dog first as she got jealous of Little MPB getting the attention. We took her for just as many walks. And, we worked very hard to make sure our human child and our fur child could co-exist and hopefully eventually become friends. The human child loved the dog probably because he never knew anything different. Unfortunately the Dog MPB died too soon for the dog to really love the human child. But, because we worked to develop a safe relationship, they did co-exist safely. And safety was always our goal.

Now, we have Doodle MPB. She’s 9 weeks old. And the human child is 2 years old. And I’ve realized already our relationship with Doodle MPB is very different. The pecking order in our family is very clear – Little MPB is our priority over Doodle MPB. This doesn’t mean Doodle MPB will be ignored, but she’s just not the center of my world. And, this time, Little MPB isn’t expected to change his life to fit the dog in. Instead, the dog has to adjust to our life. So, unless it’s family play time the dog is in a large safe area, not the kid. (Thank god we still have all our baby gates). I do assume as Doodle MPB gets bigger and is house-trained she will have free roam of the house.

The day we brought Doodle MPB home we made a commitment to Doodle MPB. And already Little MPB and Doodle MPB are the best of friends. And, as the adults we are doing everything in our power to create a positive relationship between them, and we are fully committed to training her.

But the kid takes priority. And, so this time it’s just different.

And I don’t think it’s a bad different, it’s just different.

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2 Comments on “This Time Is Different

  1. I totally, totally get this. The Furry One was 14 when Hope came a long; I totally expected her to adjust to my beloved fur-st born who was very up in age. I had zero expectations that he would make any adjustments and did what I could to make his life as seamless as possible–he’d been with me long before Hope was a part of my imagination much less my life. Yappy came along after Hope, very different situation. She still would argue that he takes priority; I would argue that she comes first but there’s probably a fair amount of parity there. 🙂


  2. I totally get this too! It’s also easier about the age, right? It’s easier to adjust a newborn anything to an already set schedule/system. While Doodle MPB isn’t exactly newborn, she’s as clean as the slate gets with puppies – so of course she’d be the one to adjust to your life.

    And from a fellow doodle mom x 3 – she WILL get to the point where you can have her free and trust her 120%. 🙂


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