Living My Dream

Every now and again something happens which makes me realize just how fortunate I am to be a Little MPB’s mother.

Sometimes its something as simple as a song. Or a seeing someone else walking down the street with their kids and being able to think, how wonderful it is that I get to do that too. Or watching Little MPB learn something new or even just play with his dad. And sometimes, it’s just a feeling that washes over me for no apparent reasons.

But sometimes it’s also a moment of pure madness. A moment where the puppy is screaming and the toddler is screaming, as if somehow feeding off each other so both just get louder and louder. The puppy is desperate for physical connection. The toddler is desperate for pancakes and syrup, right this second (even though there are no pancakes in the house). Mr. MPB is trying to console to toddler. I’m trying to cook said pancakes in record time and get the puppy to be quiet.

Part of my brain wants to explode, because it is just so loud!! Part of me just wants to walk outside for 30 seconds and let Mr. MPB solve this crisis.

But, instead, I keep scrambling to make pancakes in record time. And yet, I find that I cannot help but smile, ever so slightly.

This is my dream, in all it’s glory.

I was desperate for our house to be a home, to be filled with the sounds of laughter and love from children playing with their siblings and our family dog. And today, I have actually have a version of that exact dream.

It may not be everything I imagined. In fact, I’ll admit that this very moment isn’t one I ever specifically dreamed about. Never did I imagine a puppy that appears to be some sort of screaming machine. And I spent a lot more time fantasying about the happy, laughter filled family moments with a few kids, not one inconsolable only child toddler.

But if this is what a bad day looks like, then I’ll take it. And I’ll take it again tomorrow and the next day. Because bad days are also a very real part of being a mom. And honestly, a bad day as a mother, is still one of the best days of my life.

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