Making Today Better

I’m pretty sure everyone I interacted with yesterday knew I was having a bad day.  In fact, one women simply said to me you don’t seem like yourself today.  To which I responded, I cannot lie, I am in a pretty horrible mood.  It’s really not a great day to have to present to so many people.  But, I’ll get through it and tomorrow will better.  And hey, it could always be worse.

As I drove home after my day of meetings, I thought about my day and my general attitude about everything.   I realized that I just oozed grouchiness all day long.  I clearly wasn’t a joy for others to be around.

I’m actually now rather annoyed at myself for being so unpleasant to be around.  First off, I tend to keep personal emotions out of work, and clearly I failed at that yesterday.  Second, I don’t want to be a grouchy bitter person.  That’s not how I want people to remember time spent with me.  Third, I’m just generally not that unpleasant of a person.

So, while I am human and I do get to have grouchy days, I would also much rather be a little bit more like my positive self.

And so, I’m determined to make sure that today is a better day then yesterday.  I’m not really sure how to do that yet, but it’s only 7am, so I’ve got some time to make sure today is a better day.

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8 Comments on “Making Today Better

  1. I hear everything you are saying! I am doing my best to be positive today yet work is chipping away at that slowly

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    • I totoally hear you about work chipping away at the positivity! Days like today make me think that life would be so much better if money grew on trees and I didn’t have to work!

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      • I hear you! I’ve already changed from positive Polly to pessimistic Paula 😂


  2. Here’s hoping today is a better day for you. I was in a foul mood most of yesterday, too — maybe the stars and planets were out of alignment? 😉

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  3. We all have bad days here and there, it’s allowed! Nobody is perfect, and nobody can be in a stellar mood ALLLLLL the time. Don’t beat yourself up too much. I know you’ve been going through a lot lately, so give yourself some grace and room to flub once in a while. Hang in there friend, hopefully today was much better for you. *hugs*

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  4. I hope you succeeded! I very occasionally have days like that too, where I just can’t shake how crappy I feel and it oozes out onto every aspect and interaction of my day.


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