My Perfect Breakdown


I’m pretty sure everyone I interacted with yesterday knew I was having a bad day.  In fact, one women simply said to me you don’t seem like yourself today.  To which I responded, I cannot lie, I am in a pretty horrible mood.  It’s really not a great day to have to present to so many people.  But, I’ll get through it and tomorrow will better.  And hey, it could always be worse. As I… Read More

At one point this week I found myself in the middle of corporate culture.  In search of a quick stop for a coffee, I walked into an office building.  As I entered the lobby I looked left, then I looked right.  I saw a sea of suits.  Grey suits, black suits, blue suits, pant suits, skirt suits and a whole array of ties.  Ties of all colours, as if they were an… Read More