My Perfect Breakdown


I took Baby MPB for a check-up this morning.  He is doing wonderfully.  He’s grown an absolute tonne to the point where the doctor suggested more solids and less formula.  Which is fine and should be easy enough to do, and should be happening anyways because of his age.  So, all in all, we have a happy and healthy little boy. While the doctor and I were chatting I asked him to… Read More

I’ve hit my limit.  I cannot keep up the pace that we are currently functioning at.  It’s just not possible. Yet, I look at our calendars and I realize as much as I need to slow down, life isn’t going to give us a break: Sept 24-25 – booked. Family visiting and staying with us. Oct 1-2 – booked.  Mr. MPB is away. Oct 8-9 – booked. Friends visiting and staying with… Read More