Mr. MPB is an Odd Duck

Mr. MPB and I dated for about 10 years before we got married, and lived together for basically our entire relationship as we met living in university/college residence. So, when we got married, I fully knew what I was getting into. In fact, when we decided to get married, we made the agreement that if either one of us expected anything to change because of a wedding and a ring, then we probably shouldn’t get married. Clearly, both of us knew well enough that formalizing our relationship wasn’t going to change our relationship.  And, I can assure you, nothing in our relationship changed when we got married, other then I get to wear a pretty ring when my finger can tolerate the white gold.

I love my husband. Really, I do. But, here’s the thing, Mr. MPB is an odd duck. Here’s just a few reasons why I’m convinced my husband is a bit weird:

  • He hand carves spoons. We have a large jar holding all his spoons sitting on display in our living room.  There are 26 spoons in the jar (I just counted). Why spoons, you ask? I have no idea because every time I ask that question he just shrugs his shoulders and continues carving and adding to the collection.  I should mention, this spoon collection appear to be spoons we look at only, as we do not use them for eating.  The odd time Mr. MPB does give one to Little MPB to play with.  And, I am often asked how they look upon completion, so I have created an arbitrary hand carved wooden spoon rating system.
  • He only puts away his clothing after I (sometimes we) fold the clean laundry. Between washes, he just leaves his clothing on the floor – clean clothing in one spot, dirty clothing in another. I have no idea why it is so hard to put his dirty clothing in the hamper, considering he puts it on the ground, about 1 or 2 feet away from the hamper. So, almost daily I pick up his dirty clothing and put it in the hamper for him. As for leaving clean clothing on the floor, years ago I decided if you cannot beat him, then join him. So, basically our bedroom is a mess 90% of the time. Also, I find inside-out socks everywhere in our house. It’s like when he randomly decides he doesn’t want to wear socks anymore, he just takes them off where he is. I’m working on training him to throw them down the stairs towards the laundry room. Which of course now means we have a pile of socks at the bottom of our stairs. But, I guess that’s better then on my living room coffee table?
  • Mr. MPB only recently started eating tomatoes.  You see, until he grew them in his own garden, he didn’t like them.  But once he was able to grow them himself, he began to like them.  However, even then, he will only eat roma tomatoes (although he always grows me some cherry tomatoes, since they are my favorite).  After a few years of growing his own tomatoes I can actually buy them at a store, but again, they must be roma tomatoes.
  • Speaking of foods…Mr. MPB does not eat peanut butter.  He’s not allergic to it, he just thinks it is disgusting.  In fact, for years he wouldn’t even come near me if I had eaten peanut butter.  Then, we got a dog who had the most sensitive tummy in the world, but could manage to eat peanut butter like there was no tomorrow.  So he’d actually go near it in order to give some to the dog.  And then, we had a kid, who loves peanut butter – again, Mr. MPB will happily give it to the kid.  But, me and peanut butter?  Still not an option.
  • Mr. MPB hates mowing the lawn so somehow over the years that has become my job.  Basically, I do the lawn care around our house – mowing and weed-whacking.  Which I actually enjoy, because it’s time outside in the sunshine.  Except eventually my grass allergy gets the best of me and mowing the lawn becomes a sneezy-snotty annoyance.  But even then, I’ll be outside mowing the lawn, because someone has to do it.

But I must say, even though he’s an odd duck, I’m glad he’s my odd duck.

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7 Comments on “Mr. MPB is an Odd Duck

  1. I think you and I are married to the same man when it comes to the laundry/messy room/socks on the floor. My husband is exactly the same. I move laundry baskets around the house to see if it’s just a location inconvenience…but the clothes still end up in random places like draped over the banister, over the backs of the bar stools in the kitchen, left in a heap next to the kitchen island. It’s like he spontaneously combusts where he’s standing and all that is left are his clothes. And our bedroom is a bit of a horror show too. We have a window seat and it’s basically become the clothes holder. We have no dresser, so clothes are stacked in laundry baskets along the wall. My baskets are nice and tidy, but my husband’s have clothes bombed out around them on the floor from his digging around in them and not caring that everything had previously been folded nicely. In our new house we are absolutely getting a dresser so I can hope that the clothes bomb bedroom won’t become a thing there too.

    I chuckled over your husband’s love of carving spoons. That’s too funny! Maybe it’s a stress release for him and a shape he’s confident in? I have a coworker who carves wood when he’s stressed out and he said making the shape of something just simply makes him feel calmer.


  2. I’ve started a photo essay of all the places my husband leaves his socks around the house. Mostly because when I roll my eyes at him for taking his socks off and throwing them wherever on the floor, he always exclaims that he’ll put them away later. And he never does. So now I have proof.


  3. We all have our quirks, and it’s great that you’ve found ways to live with your husband’s. After nearly ten years of marriage and cohabitation, some of my husband’s idiosyncrasies still drive me nuts: I really should learn to let it go. 🙂

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  4. Those spoons are quite neat and I have a dream of learning to do wood engraving on spoons as part of my income.


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