It’s official, I have that kid. You know the kid I’m talking about… The kid who will only eat food with ketchup on it. I have to admit, that his new found obsession with ketchup runs so deep that probably half his meals do end up with tiny bits of ketchup on them. (My trick to make sure it is a tiny bit of ketchup is to let him “help” put ketchup on his food, but I really control how much he gets and I do a few small dots of ketchup spread out so it looks like more then it actually is).

But, his love for ketchup seems to have grown exponentially in the last few days. Take for example the 2 am wake up call earlier this week that went exactly like this I Need Ketchup! Or the conversation with a friend, who asked Little MPB what he ate for breakfast and he proudly responded with I eat ketchup!

Let me just say for the record, he did not get ketchup at 2am, nor does he eat ketchup for breakfast.

Clearly, if he had it his way, he’d eat ketchup all day, everyday.

But, being that I would prefer not to feed my kid sugar with all his meals, I decided to be sneaky. I’ve now substituted regular old ketchup with sugar free ketchup. And he’s totally accepting of the sugar free stuff. That said, sugar free ketchup just doesn’t taste right to me after eating real ketchup for 35 years, it’s tart, not sweet.

It’s funny how far we’ve come from those first few attempts at solid food. Who knows maybe next week he’ll have a new favourite food? But something tells me this ketchup addiction is around to stay for a while.

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19 Comments on “Ketchup

  1. Ha!!! You subversive mama, you, with the sugar-free ketchup. πŸ™‚ Hey, you do you, Little MPB. I’m sure he won’t go off to college eating ketchup with every meal. I mean, I’m almost sure… πŸ˜‰

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  2. A 2am wake-up asking for ketchup? That is too cute! (Speaking, of course, as someone who didn’t have to wake up at 2am to deal with it.)

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  3. Looks like Little MPB and Arun are going to be best buddies. Arun absolutely loves his ketchup.. I have started fooling him with tomato sauce now πŸ™‚ There is no way I can let Arun eat the amount of ketchup he devours daily!

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    • Yes, I suspect they’d be great friends! I tried tomato sauce and Little MPB was having none of that trick. Thankfully the sugar free ketchup seems to be working.


  4. hahaha that’s an adorable 2am request.
    Avery has also become obsessed with ketchup, and dips of all kinds. She wasn’t exposed until we ate at a pub and there was a little ramekin of ketchup (or tartar sauce, or plum sauce, can’t remember the first sauce she tried). She licked that ramekin clean. She now uses french fries as spoons to eat the ketchup with. So we don’t give her any sauces when eating at home – it’s an eating out treat…
    I love the sugar free ketchup idea, though!

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    • Little MPB does that too! One time he used a carrot to dip and lick everything off. But refused to eat the carrot. Now he is getting better in that he’ll dip the food and actually eat it most of the time. 😊

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    • I tried tomato sauce first but he wouldn’t go for it, so when I found the sugar free ketchup I had to buy it even though it was way more expensive then real ketchup. I actually think he didn’t like the tomato sauce because he likes helping out it on his food and tomato sauce doesn’t come in a squirt bottle.


  5. My kid is 100% ketchup obsessed and I didn’t even know about sugar free ketchup but I’ll be going to get some to at least mix!


  6. Great trick with the sugar free ketchup. Funny how kids latch on to things isn’t it. Growing up in Oz ketchup (or tomato sauce/red sauce as we call it) was a staple in basically everyone’s pantry. Meat pie and sauce or Sausages with sauce on a roll are really iconic Aussie meals.
    I am now experiencing the same thing you are with my nieces and nephews. They all want the sauce hahaha. They know the bottle though so I actually put the sauce I want them eating (low salt etc.) into the sauce bottle they are used to seeing (I just wash it every time it is empty).

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