Where Is Doodle MPB??

Earlier this week we dropped Doodle MPB off for her training boot camp. Since then, Little MPB asks Where is Doodle MPB?? multiple times a day.

Little MPB adores his puppy, so I knew he’d miss his puppy.  This is not a surprise to me.  But answering the question every time he comes into the kitchen is a bit more then I expected.  Literally it the first thing he asks when we come downstairs in the morning, when we get home from daycare, when we are cooking dinner, before bedtime, etc.  He even goes into her x-pen and looks inside her crate to see if she’s hiding.

Every time he asks, we simply say Doodle MPB is on a vacation.  She’ll be back soon.

He seems okay with this answer. In fact, he doesn’t normally ask any further questions, he just goes along with his day.

And at the same time, I have to acknowledge that in 3 days Mr. MPB has not asked once how Doodle MPB is doing.  While I’ve been keeping in touch with our trainer on a daily basis, I too have to admit that I haven’t been overly concerned about her.  So, clearly not everyone in the house misses her.


Honestly, Little MPB missing his puppy is a very important reminder to me about part of why I desperately wanted a dog in our house.  In addition to my own love for dogs, I desperately wanted my son to grow up with a dog. Little MPB absolutely loves dogs and I want him to know the unconditional love and companionship of a dog.

And this is why I have to make this work.  Doodle MPB is a long term commitment to us, she’s a family member (albeit a dog family member, not a human one).  And so, we need to keep up with the training and help her transition from a barking/howling devil dog into a nice family dog.

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7 Comments on “Where Is Doodle MPB??

  1. Hopefully the time goes quickly (at least for little!) And she’ll be home before you know it. And be much improved!! Did the trainer say she’s doing well so far?


      • I honestly don’t want to think about the answer to that question!!! During week 2 we are going to do more visits and training sessions at our house so hopefully she is able to transition back to us well.


  2. I know that your puppy is a bit of a pain in the butt. . . but very cute! Here’s hoping that the boot camp helps.

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