A Scratch & A Limp

We picked up Little MPB from daycare last night and noticed he had a scratch on his eye lid and some very slight swelling.  No big deal.  Kids get scratched, especially our kid.

On the way home, we stopped at a local playground (because nice weather means almost daily playground visits).  As soon as he got out of the car and started walking towards the park we noticed a very distinct limp.  So, like to crazy parents we stopped him, took off his shoes and started inspecting his legs and feet right there in the middle of the park.  (Ya, we are those parents).

He looks completely fine.  Not a single mark on his legs.  My completely irrational and paranoid brain went straight to maybe it’s not an innocent limp, but the sign of a stroke.  Before I could even verbalize that thought, my more rational brain kicked in and we started asking questions:

Adult MPBs: What did you do at school today?

Little MPB: Play.

Adult MPBs: What did you play?

Little MPB: I play Emily (his friend’s name).  I play gymnastics!! 

Adult MPBs: Gymnastics is on Saturdays, so I don’t think you went to Gymnastics today. Did you jump at school today?

Little MPB: No. (as he proceeded to jump, as if to show us he can jump)

Adult MPBs: Did you fall?

Little MPB: No.

Adult MPBs: Does your leg hurt?

Little MPB: Hurt here (while pointing to his elbow).  KISS!!

Adult MPBs: Laughing (while giving kisses to the imaginary elbow injury)

Given the details we were able to ascertain from Little MPB, I called daycare to find out what happened.  As it was near the end of the day, they actually called his teachers who had already gone home to find out and followed up with me in the evening after speaking to all the teachers after hours.  In regards to the scratch, they didn’t write a incident report for the scratch because they didn’t see it happen and he didn’t cry.  As for the leg, same thing except they hadn’t even noticed it.  He never cried at all during the day, so they didn’t know when it happened or what happened.  We all acknowledge and agree that he is active and loves to jump, so it could have just been that he jumped and landed a bit oddly.  But really, we have no idea.  They promised to keep an extra eye on him today and to call us if he seemed to be in pain or bothered by his leg.

This is really just another day of parenting an unbelievably active toddler who has no fear and loves to jump and climb.

The only difference this time is that we are not rushing to emergency or even to our family doctor for a limp that is clearly not causing him any pain.  At least not yet…

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25 Comments on “A Scratch & A Limp

    • No fever or anything. He is perfectly healthy, except for the limp and scratch.
      Also, had to laugh, yesterday when we picked him up he had 2 new scratches and an incident report for pushing another kid who then retaliated by scratching him.


  1. M is usually a collection of bruises – he currently has a nice big one on his shin and most of the time we have no idea how he gets them. Although it is kind of funny when we hear him running and then a thud followed by him announcing he’s fine.

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    • Oh yes, the collection of bruises that all kids seem to have….except Little MPB. He never has bruises, which I actually find a bit odd. But he gets plenty of scratches and bumps. 🙂


  2. After my husband fell down the stairs while holding him, S had a limp for just under a week. We took him to get it checked out, and the doctor couldn’t even see it, but we thought she was nuts because it was completely obvious to us (I think these things are more obvious to parents — his daycare teachers couldn’t see it either). She said as long as it went away on its own within a week there was no need to worry. He also developed a mystery limp more recently that went away on its own within a day. So if he’s not bothered, and if it goes away on its own within a few days, I’d say you’re good to go!

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    • Stairs scare the heck out of me!!! (Things I never thought about before having a kid). Lastly, so glad S (and presumably your husband) is okay!!! 🙂
      I appreciate hearing how your doctor and teachers couldn’t see S’ limp. That’s exactly like Little MPB’s limp, until we pointed it out to daycare they didn’t notice it. And at this point he is still limping but he is still not at all bothered by it. So, we are now using your week rule – if he’s still limping next week then we’ll take him in.


  3. During growth spurts they can also develop muscle pain, so he may not have fallen or been bumped at all, he could just be having ‘growing pains’.

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    • It seems as though all kids are a collection of bruises. But oddly, Little MPB NEVER has bruises, just scratches and bumps. I’m now starting to wonder if the lack of bruises means something?


  4. Hope he’s feeling better today! C is constantly covered in bruises from all of her mishaps in life. I don’t even know how most of them happen anymore! Wish these kids would be a little tamer sometimes!

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    • So, because of this post, and all the comments about kids being covered in bruises, I’ve realized that while Little MPB is often covered in scratches and bumps, he’s never had a bruise. I’m now starting to wonder if the lack of bruises means something?
      Also, Little MPB and C are both wild climbers, clearly we are going to have a lot of gray hair thanks to their antics. 🙂

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      • Hmmm, I dunno? C has very fare skin so she bruises very easily. She seriously looks like we beat her on the regular. I’d rather she didn’t bruise!!
        And yes, I’ve been pulling gray hairs out regularly!!

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  5. Poor guy! Luke’s legs are beat to hell with bruises and scratches. Oh toddlerhood.

    He hasn’t had a fever or anything has he? The one time Luke had a limp we took him to the doctor and it turned out to be transient synovitis. He also had a swollen lymph node behind his ear so it was obvious it was caused by some infection. Apparently TS is common in boys.

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    • So, I’ve made an odd observation because of this post, and all the comments about kids being covered in bruises, I’ve realized that while Little MPB is often covered in scratches and bumps, he’s never had a bruise. I’m now starting to wonder if the lack of bruises means something??
      Good tip about the swollen lymph node and an infection. Did Luke need medication for it? We haven’t found a swollen lymph nodes (granted we are not doctors) so we are still putting off going to the doctor.

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      • He was on an antibiotic for the lymph node and the TS usually goes away on its own which is what happened in Luke’s car.

        I’m surprised he’s never had a bruise. Maybe he just doesn’t bruise easy? I don’t think it’s anything to be concerned about 😉


  6. Linnea fell while spinning in circles a a couple months ago and wouldn’t put any weight on her foot, to the point where we actually got it xrayed. Long story short, no evidence of any issues and it still took about 6 days to resolve! I wouldn’t have known anything happened if I hadn’t witnessed it. These active kids sure are a blast, eh? 😀

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    • Oh gosh, I’m so glad Linnea is doing fine!! And yes, Little MPB’s could be from something as simple as spinning and landing funny. He is still limping a bit, but he’s not at all bothered by it, so for now we just aren’t worrying about it.
      And yes, these active kids are a blast, but I could really do without all the new gray hairs. 🙂


  7. Seriously kids are so resilient. I wouldn’t worry about the no bruises. A has only had one tiny bruise on her elbow in her life (so far). Glad he’s ok!

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    • It never crossed my mind to be worri d about the lack of bruises until today. Haha. I’m pretty sure next time we are at the doctor for a real issue I’ll probably ask because why not? And I’m pretty sure our family doctor already thinks I’m kind of crazy. 😊


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