Our morning started out just like any other morning.  We had breakfast.  We were playing.  Little MPB climbed up some furniture, as he is known to (in fact daycare has two nicknames for him – Mr. Mellow and Mr. Climber).

While I took Little MPB down from the highest point and told him it isn’t safe to climb so high, Mr. MPB and I commented that at naptime we were going to rearrange the furniture to prevent Little MPB from climbing that high.

We continued to play. Little MPB climbed up some furniture again.

He reached for something.  Mr. MPB and I both saw what was about to happen and we both instantly leapt up.

Neither of us made it in time.

Little MPB fell through the air.  The top of his head hit the ground first, followed by his neck twisting in a very unnatural way.  Then, the remainder of his little body crumpled to the ground.

Mr. MPB instantly was over top of him, holding his neck and head as to ensure he couldn’t move and potentially hurt himself further.  With a head and neck injury we weren’t taking any risks.

I was on the phone to 911.

Little MPB was screaming, blood curdling screams.

The EMS arrived and relieved Mr. MPB and took over.  Little MPB’s vitals were good.  His neck appeared okay, but they weren’t positive, he needed to go to the hospital.

They loaded Little MPB into the ambulance, I sat at his side for his first (and hopefully last) ambulance ride.  Mr. MPB followed in a separate vehicle.

We went straight to the nearest children’s hospital.  They checked him out and kept him for observations for a few hours.  We were given instructions for detecting a concussion in Little MPB over the next few days and were given instructions to follow depending on what symptoms he displays.  We were told when to bring him back.  Although unlikely, we were also told when to call an ambulance to bring him back in vs driving him ourselves.  We were also told to limit his activity for the remainder of the long weekend. In the end, the ER doctor very nicely said:

Little MPB is going to be just fine.  You and Mr. MPB have probably aged 10 years today, but you will be fine too.

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53 Comments on “911

  1. I didnt even have to read the post, I saw the title and my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach.

    I finally read the whole post and I must say I am relieved but bloody shocked..

    I am going to keep an extra eye on A. He also has the tendency to climb the un-climbable.

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    • It was absolutely terrifying! Our biggest struggle is that Little MPB thinks its funny when we say no. So, if we say no, he just does it again while laughing. We have no idea how to make him understand that no truly means no.
      I’m glad if nothing else, it’s a good reminder to other parents to keep an extra eye on their climbers!


      • My house looks like a railway station visiting area. Its got all the furniture stacked in a line, against the wall. No furniture is kept anywhere close to anything that can be scaled. We no longer have any coffee tables or center table pieces. Dining table chairs are promptly put down to sleeping position after lunch/ dinner.
        Dining tables no longer have runners and all vases are high in storage. All shelves are extra locked, and yes, I have tied the legs of 2 unused couches so that he cannot drag them to climb. Meanwhile, everyday, I take him to the park and let him go crazy climbing the monkey bars.. I am dreading winters, with no place to go and burn out..

        Yes, kids do not understand the meaning of No. I have started giving A timeouts for disobedience.

        For me, my biggest fear is Arun jumping off the stairs.. My stairs are gated, but he has learnt to scale them bottom gate.

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  2. Wheh, holy crap. That is terrifying. I have had to take Wallace to the ER or urgent care 4 times now, but no ambulance ride. Maybe Janet Lansbury’s techniques would help you instead of the no. Wallace still laughs when I tell him to stop so I’m no expert.

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  3. Omg I teared up reading this… How terrifying!!! These things happen no matter how vigilant we are, and you acted so fast, knowing just what to do. So glad it looks like you will all be just fine, once you get over the shock of what happened!

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    • Kids are scary!!! Looking back, I truly had no idea just how scary having a baby and now toddler would be. Every single day there’s a new fear I have to talk myself out of.


  4. Oh my gosh that is so so scary! I can imagine how nervous and upset you must have been, but it must be such a relief that he is going to be okay. Sending hugs to him and have a nice big glass of wine tonight to relax! xxx.

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  5. One of my best friends has three boys and I cringe at the antics they get themselves into. My heart jumps whenever they even wobbly do something. This is a future nightmare for me. At least there was quick thinking on both you and Mr. MPB (and kindness coming from the doctor). That will put gray hairs on your head! I’m glad everything is okay.

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    • I couldn’t imagine 3 little boys like Little MPB! Heck, im barely coping with one! Don’t even get me started on the grey hairs, let’s just say I’m thankful hair dye exists!
      I despertly hope very soon you will get to know this horribly wonderful parenting anxiety. Love to you my friend.

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  6. Oh my goodness, I actually closed my eyes when I read the part about his neck twisting at an unnatural angle. You must have been so completely terrified, I can’t even imagine. So glad to hear that everything is OK!!!

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    • Hes been a climber for months now but it’s like he’s become more adventerous/stupid in the last few weeks! I’m so glad he’s okay (obviously) and I so hope he never does something like that again!!!


  7. Glad he is okay! So scary!! We have had two tumbles off the lounge and I swear my heart stops until I have checked over every inch of them.

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    • Yes, tumbles are the worst anxiety!! I’m dreading the fall down the stairs that I’m told basically every kid has at some point. I’m not sure how I’ll survive that kind of a tumble!!


  8. Oh gosh! I’m glad everything seems to be all right now. But wow – I can feel your terror through your writing. That must have been harrowing. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • Thank you Dani. I wonder how a parent is supposed to do all these things when they are solo?? Of course my phone was no-where near where Little MPB was, it would have been impossible for me to keep him immobilized while getting my phone.


  9. OMG! I am so glad that he is okay. Kids are so resilient! Thankfully!

    Baby Bach is going to be the same way… I just know it. He is already a climber. I guess we need to build him a flat and padded play room!

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    • Oh gosh, I feel for you also having a climber! It didn’t stress me out until that fall, now I’m like, toddler proof everything! So, yes, padding is a great idea! At least according to the EMS. 🙂


  10. You poor thing. That must have been traumatising for you all. I am so pleased he is ok. Children do these sort of things all the time (Baby Flat had a similar experience), but it doesn’t make it any easier or make you feel any less guilty. I just hope the little monkey learns to be more careful 🙂 (until then, maybe get him to wear a cycle helmet all day every day!) x x x

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  11. Yikes! How scary. I’m hoping he’s doing well and that you and the Mr. are as well. As you know I sustained a head injury in July, so I can only imagine the terror you felt for your little one. Hang in there!


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