My Perfect Breakdown



Our morning started out just like any other morning.  We had breakfast.  We were playing.  Little MPB climbed up some furniture, as he is known to (in fact daycare has two nicknames for him – Mr. Mellow and Mr. Climber). While I took Little MPB down from the highest point and told him it isn’t safe to climb so high, Mr. MPB and I commented that at naptime we were going to… Read More

We had another first this weekend.  And, unlike most of the firsts we’ve experienced so far this one was the type of first that I think no mother ever looks forward to. . Little MPB was playing with our pots and pans – one of his absolute favourite things to do.  And he dropped one of the pots on his foot.  Something that has happened before, not ideal but really not a big deal. But… Read More