An Unwanted First & A Few Parenting Lessons

We had another first this weekend.  And, unlike most of the firsts we’ve experienced so far this one was the type of first that I think no mother ever looks forward to.


Little MPB was playing with our pots and pans – one of his absolute favourite things to do.  And he dropped one of the pots on his foot.  Something that has happened before, not ideal but really not a big deal.

But this time, that pot landed and he instantly started screaming, and not a good scream but also not a I’m really hurt scream.  We assumed he just startled himself.  So, I picked up Little MPB to give him a good snuggle and kiss him better while Mr. MPB continued cooking dinner.

As Little MPB and I were snuggling I inspected his foot and determined all was fine.  But he was still pretty upset and so we continued to snuggle.  A a few minutes later I noticed blood on the floor.  Confused I re-inspected and determined that that I inspected the wrong foot!!

Needless to say Little MPB was bleeding which no parent ever wants to see for the first time!

But he wouldn’t stop moving long enough for me to get a good look.  So, with Mr. MPB help, we managed to inspect the correct foot!  We determine that it wasn’t that bad and didn’t need stitches.  But, it did need to be cleaned and it did need a Band-Aid put on it until the bleeding stopped.

Well, it turns out we weren’t at all prepared for this first.  All we could find in our house was hydrogen peroxide to clean the cut and needless to say Little MPB was not a fan!  And it took us 4 Band-Aids until we managed to get one on his toe!

So, our parenting lesson this weekend were:

  1. Irrational parent guilt is real – I didn’t hurt him yet I felt insanely responsible for his injury and couldn’t stop apologizing to him.
  2. One must inspect the entire child for injury.
  3. Purchase child friendly wound sterilizing supplies.
  4. Improve wiggly toddler Band-Aid applying skills.

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12 Comments on “An Unwanted First & A Few Parenting Lessons

  1. Poor little guy 🙁 I will go check out and stock up our child-friendly first aid supplies right now!! Thanks for the tips!

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    • It’s definitely a good idea to have child friendly stuff on hand! It was just something I never thought about and no-one had mentioned to me before. So I’m glad our experience will help you be more prepared. 🙂

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  2. Sometimes when you have multiple children, you must also inspect the right child! When my daughters were about 3 and 5, they were playing in their bedroom, and the oldest came running to me, with blood trailing down her arm, screaming that her sister had hurt her. It was quite a bit of blood, so I thought we were looking at a decent sized cut on her arm. I began washing her up, to determine where the blood was coming from, and asked her what her sister had done, to determine if it was deliberate or accidental, and she was unable to tell me exactly what happened. After cleaning her entire body, I could not find even a scratch, so I could not figure out how she had bled that much with no sign of a cut anywhere. So I stripped her down and searched her entire body and found no cuts! I was really confused, so I also looked in her mouth, thinking maybe she had cut her lip or something. Still no visible injury, so I was very puzzled.

    After cleaning her up I went into the bedroom to see if I could find what hat caused the injury. Her younger sister was under the bed in what they were calling their ‘fort’, and I asked her to come out so I could look around under there, and when she came out, I noticed one entire side of her hair was matted with almost dried blood. She had apparently scraped her head on something under the bed, and you know head wounds bleed a lot. While the cut was not very bad, it was apparently where the blood running down her sister’s arm had come from. So the child who was really injured was completely oblivious to the fact she was even hurt, and the other child saw blood on her arm and had a melt-down for an injury that was not even her injury!

    My younger daughter, to this day has a very strong threshold for pain, and my older daughter still has a melt-down over fairly minimal injuries.

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    • Oh my gosh, I’m so glad the injured child was okay!!! I can only imagine how confused you were as you cleaned up the non-injured child’s blood and couldn’t find the source of the blood!


  3. Unfortunately it had to happen sometime! But don’t be surprised if the bandaid ends up suck to something else.


  4. Oh no!! I hope his foot heals soon!!
    We had our first injury a couple days ago too! I was sitting on the floor holding C, and she threw herself backwards before I could put my arm behind her back. She slammed the back of her head into the corner of the coffee table. Hysteria ensued for a few minutes, but she was fine. It looked like it would bruise, but there was barely a red dot there after an hour or so! Poor little nugget..I know it will be the first of many, but I felt bad! I won’t be sitting next to the coffee table with her anymore! :-/


  5. Oh no! I haven’t had any experience like this either and I need to get child-friendly stuff. I’m not even sure we have band-aids in the house!

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