First Hair Cut

So, I haven’t been able to make a decision regarding my own hair.  But, I have made a decision about Baby MPB’s hair.

He’s been blessed with a beautiful head of hair, and I hope he forever gets to keep all his beautiful hair.  But, his hair is officially going a little wild, growing past his ears and even starting to get into his eyes.

So, we’ve been talking about it for weeks and we’ve now made a decision.  It’s time for his very first hair cut.

I know many people let their little boy’s hair grow long, but we just aren’t those people.  My theory is that while I can make the decision, I will keep it nicely trimmed.  But, the second he can make the decision, he can do whatever he wants because it really is just hair and a pretty good way to enable self expression.  Except if he chooses a mullet or a man-bun, I’ll cut those off in his sleep if I have to (joking….well, sort of).

So, I’m going to make an appointment and take him for his very first hair cut – hopefully for tonight.  Mr. MPB was supposed to join us tonight, but work has gotten in the way, so I’ll be doing this solo and I’m actually pretty nervous. And, while I could put it off until Mr. MPB to join us, we have some fun weekend events planned that will involve cute photos, so I’d like to get his hair cut for the photos.

Honestly, while I know it’s time, I also know it’s going to be hard for me.  Something tells me that his hair cut is going to transform him instantly from a baby to a little boy. I think this might be one of those moments where I will end up crying in public – my little boy is growing up (just as he should).  I just cannot believe how old he is getting, and I’m not ready to lose my little baby.  Part of me really just wants to keep him little forever.  I know, I know, that’s not realistic at all, so off to get his hair cut we will go.

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13 Comments on “First Hair Cut

  1. This is absolutely a big deal! How old is he now?
    I wish you luck that he’ll be easy going about it, and I wish you strength in watching him transform from baby to little boy.

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  2. Awwww! I can imagine this experience being super cute or super difficult for baby MPB. I have no idea what it entails to cut a baby’s hair! Good luck…I’m sure he will be so handsome with his new cut!

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  3. We’re not those people, either, who grow their boys’ hair longer. Ha! My MIL loves boys with long hair and when Matthew was a baby, said, “wouldn’t his hair look AWESOME long?” To which I quickly responded, “no. No it would not.”

    We started getting Matthews hair cut before he was 1. I think he was 8-10 months. You are right… Be prepared for him to look older. But – he’ll still look like a baby! Bryson is 3+ and still looks like a baby walking out of his hair cuts…. He just looks like a cutter, better groomed baby. 😉

    I cannot stand hair in kids eyes and over their ears. Drives me insane. Stems from my childhood photos of stringy, ungroomed hair, I’m sure.

    I so wish you posted photos online, but I get why you don’t. I love before and after first hair cut photos!!!!

    Good luck!


  4. It is always amazing to read your posts! You are a good blogger! 😎

    I too feel that if i have a baby , i would be very happy to see him or her grow but a little upset to see him or her out grow my arms. Hahha. But thats the normal way and we all want that.
    I hope you guys have an amazing weekeend and you enjoy your babys first cut

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  5. Yes. The first hair cut takes away baby face. Its a very emotional moment, most babies dont cry thr first time. Ask them to use scissors instead of trimmers, trimmer scares the baby. And save some hair.
    Have fun.

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  6. Aww, first haircut! My twin sons had theirs at 11 months because one of them had very long, unruly hair that was getting in his eyes and in his food when he ate. Interestingly, they both did fine with their first haircuts but then cried and cried during their *second* and several subsequent haircuts. (My MIL told me that my husband was the same.)

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  7. Aww! I feel you. Catch and my mom basically bullied me into trimming Charlotte’s bangs because they were SO in her eyes. I told them they just needed to sweep her hair to the side, but I lost the battle. I got out the scissors and did it myself a few weeks ago. I was able to do it so it’s not terribly obvious that she got a haircut. At least it’s not a straight line across her forehead. I can see it, but no one else has said anything. I still cried.

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  8. I am sure there will be a few tears! I think I’ve cried before when my friends sons get their haircuts for the first time and look like little men!!! So I have no doubts you will shed a few! Hope it goes well for you all!!!!

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  9. Wow!! Already?!?! How exciting and bitter sweet. I love that you want to keep his hair neat as we are the same way. Luke still doesn’t have much hair but it’s starting to grow over his ears and I’m constantly brushing it back. Please let us know how the cut itself goes both for baby MPB and you!

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    • It went really well! He was more interested in watching the older kids getting their hair cut so the lady had to keep moving to keep up with him constantly turning his head in every direction. She even used the trimmer around his ears at the very end and he was fine with that. She said most kids start having problems around 2 years old.
      And I didn’t cry! But he absolutely does look older now which is very bitter sweet!

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      • So glad he handled it well! And good for you for not crying but I could totally understand if you did. I bet he’s just a doll with his fresh new cut!

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  10. Oh that is a huge milestone! A little boy at Cora’s daycare recently got his hair cut. Woah did he suddenly look like a big boy. He had all curls before and now no curls!

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