Daddy Nesting

So, while I’ve been wanting to travel and explore the world as much as possible before we have children via adoption, it turns out Mr. MPB is doing something very different.

And, I didn’t even notice it.

Evidently I can be a bit slow sometimes.

But, once it was overtly pointed out to me by Mr. MPB himself, it was like a major knock me over, light bulb turned on, ah-ha moment!

Mr. MPB is nesting.

Thanks to his initiative, and my support (which at times has been less then enthusiastic), in the last 6 weeks we have done the following:

  • Our garage is now insanely organized.  We’ve spent a few weekends building custom shelving, organizing, purging and cleaning.  We have a lot of outdoor toys and for years I’ve joked that our kids wont be allowed to have toys of their own because we like our toys too much to share the storage space.  It turns out, our kids can now have bikes, scooters, slip and slides because space has been made for their outdoor toys.
  • 20150412 - 100HappyDays_Day274Our second bathroom, the kids bathroom, has now been upgraded enough that it will be good for the next 10-15 years (ideally).
  • Our whole house now has new LED lighting.  We replaced virtually all the fixtures in the house with some awesome ones I found at Costco.  They are so amazing and should last for 25 years.  And, as a bonus they are eco-friendly compared to the old ones and we will save some money on our electric bill.
  • The nursery is coming together.  The room is transforming into a real baby room,.
  • Many things we don’t need are being sold on Kijiji/Craig’s List.
  • Our next must do before we have kids reno project, our master bathroom which is in desperate need of a new shower (i.e. the current shower leaks and we haven’t used it in a long time) will be started within the next week or so.

It’s fascinating and also almost funny to step back and think about how we have and now are both preparing for our future children.  For the last few years, we both wouldn’t do anything to nest.  In part because I wasn’t physically able to do much during high risk pregnancies and miscarriages, and in part because we were so afraid to.  We were afraid to start making visible changes to our lives in anticipation of children.Our losses resulted in immense fear that we’d never actually have children and once we started having problems maintaining a pregnancy, physically preparing for them simply wasn’t an option as we were protecting our hearts and souls. Naively we had already bought the house, the little green rocking chair and the family friendly cars and we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do anything more.

But everything has changed now that we are adopting – we know, with 100% certainty, that we will eventually have a child.  And, we are starting to get excited!

So, now that we are almost through the approval process, we are both getting ready in our own way.  I want to run away and make the most of our time as a childless couple while we can.  Mr. MPB on the other hand wants to have everything ready for our kids.  He wants the house in tip top shape so that we don’t have to spend any time (or money) doing reno projects once we have a baby, he wants to be as ready for the child as possible.  (Of course, we don’t want the same thing at the same time – that would just make life too simple).

Now that his nesting has been pointed out to me, I cannot help be realize just how silly my desperate desire to travel is.  Also, and more importantly, I once again find myself realizing just how fortunate I am to have married Mr. MPB.  Honestly, how cute is he?  Seriously, how many 20140427 - Nestingmen are so excited to have children that they start nesting before the future mom?  So, while we don’t even have kids I’m awarding Mr. MPB with the award for awesome parenting skills. I think he deserves a gold star.  He’s going to be such an amazing Dad!!

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51 Comments on “Daddy Nesting

  1. I suppose someone has to take the initiative, and Mr. MPB has stepped up to the plate. Good for him! It is exciting!


    • I’m glad he’s stepping up and encouraging us to get things gone! As an added bonus, it’s nice to see all the things around the house getting done and coming together.


  2. That is so sweet that he is already nesting. He totally deserves a gold star for being an awesome dad! Way to go, Mr. MPB!


  3. Lovely post. Good for Mr MPB! Your desire to get away for a bit isn’t less valid though – I hope you can find some way to get a last-trip-as-two in too. xx


  4. Mr. MPB is frggin’ adorable! You are a lucky
    I felt desperate to travel too (my bucket list is essentially to travel as many places as possible & I’m waaay behind schedule). But I realized: you can travel with a baby/kid, and it will be great to experience new things as a family, and moreover–traveling can be expensive and time-consuming, and I got the best wuality time with Mr. MLACS by just hanging out and going to dinners, shopping for baby/house stuff, seeing movies–it’s those ordinary every day things that you miss–being able to go to target and just *browse* for an hour, etc. Vacations just add more stress in the interim, IMHO. XOXO


    • He really is adorable and you are right, I am pretty darn lucky!!
      I’ve mostly accepted that we wont be going on any epic trips anytime soon but we will enjoy quality time together at home and on mini weekend camping trips. But I have made him promise that our first epic trip with baby will be to Iceland. I’m not giving up on that dream, I’m just changing it and continuing to look forward to it. 🙂
      I hope you and your little one are doing well my friend! I know you are busy so updates a less frequent, but I do find myself often thinking about you. 🙂


    • Thank you so much!! Some days i actually feel like he is further along in the journey then I am, and other days I feel like I’m outpacing him. I guess it all depends on the day, but you are right, all in all, it’s great that we are both healing and getting ready for our future! 🙂


  5. In lesbian-speak, gold star = someone who has never had sex with a man. So when I saw the gold star, that is where my brain went, even though the text doesn’t match my thought! lol I know, I’m ridiculous…

    I love that Mr. MPB is nesting. That man is a keeper!


  6. Awww lovely. My husband follows your blog too so maybe he’ll be inspired!!!
    We went through a mini phase of ‘nesting’ whilst waiting to start IUI, we sold about $1000 of furniture and other unneeded stuff on Craigslist to declutter in prep for a nursery. I know it took some effort.
    Mr MPB def needs a gold star for all that hard work!


  7. I completely understand your eagerness to travel as much as possible before a baby comes. I feel the same way, but with IVF can’t go anywhere at the moment. Instead of planning a large trip the hubby and I have started planning some small weekend trips. 🙂 I think its wonderful Mr. MPB is nesting. You will be so happy to have everything around the house completed once you bring your child home. Glad that the adoption process is moving forward for you. XO


  8. I love this post. I giggled out loud at the dentist thinking of a manly man carrying around some rubber duckies looking for a good spot for them 🙂


    • Haha!! It was a pretty funny realization that he is nesting and I’m really not, outside of doing things he suggests. But, I’m glad he has some initiative because clearly if we were left to my devises we’d have nothing ready. 🙂


  9. That’s awesome!!! Did he SAY he was nesting, or did he say he was getting ready for a family? I think it would be funny if he actually used the term nesting!! Either way, I’m glad you guys are working on things and getting things ready. Also glad to hear that you’re almost through the approval process! (I didn’t miss that tidbit up there!)


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  11. Hahaha! I love this! And funny that once it finally dawned on you it all made sense. Mr MBP sounds lovely and it’s wonderful that’s he’s approaching this with all these practical things in mind. He’s a hero Dad-to-be!


  12. I love the positivity of this post. It’s adorable and I think your need to travel is also a reflection of impending parent-hood. A need to see the world is a pretty normal part of it too I reckon… You’re both getting ready in your own way x


  13. You’d be surprised of the amount of men excited to have children even if they don’t express it on the outside. I have a friend who for years had no interest in having kids but now is all about his kids. I think deep down most men are like this even if they don’t show it on the outside.

    I am so happy that your DH is showing this and it’s brought you happiness as well.


  14. This is soo cute! Red has been man nesting too! This week he has insisted on turning the storage room a workable space so that when it’s time it can easily and quickly become a nursery! It makes me so happy that he is so excited about everything that is about to happen!


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