My Perfect Breakdown


Mr. MPB and Little MPB now have a game that they play together.  Mr. MPB “chases” Little MPB and Little MPB tries to run and hide.  The entire time Little MPB is switching between giggling and full body laughing.  He is so incredibly happy that he just lights up and his entire face is consumed by his smile. Interestingly, it’s not a game that Little MPB will play with me.  When I try, he… Read More

Mr. MPB tripped and fell while carrying Baby MPB. I was walking a few steps in front of them putting stuff in the car.  I turned around to a crash and found both Mr. MPB and Baby MPB on the ground. Guys, it was bad.  But, I didn’t freak out.  I ran to Baby MPB to check him out from head to toe. Baby MPB was in his car seat and is… Read More