My Perfect Breakdown


It was one of those ordinary days, I just picked Little MPB up from daycare and we were driving home. As we drove, we passed a family presumably out for a walk.  It was clear that it was a grandmother, mother and a few young kids.  Everyone was smiling, one of the kids was doddling in the snow.  Everyone just seemed happy. Instantly, it struck me and tears ran down my cheeks…. Read More

Mr. MPB and Little MPB now have a game that they play together.  Mr. MPB “chases” Little MPB and Little MPB tries to run and hide.  The entire time Little MPB is switching between giggling and full body laughing.  He is so incredibly happy that he just lights up and his entire face is consumed by his smile. Interestingly, it’s not a game that Little MPB will play with me.  When I try, he… Read More