The Funnest, Most Adorable Game Ever

Mr. MPB and Little MPB now have a game that they play together.  Mr. MPB “chases” Little MPB and Little MPB tries to run and hide.  The entire time Little MPB is switching between giggling and full body laughing.  He is so incredibly happy that he just lights up and his entire face is consumed by his smile.

Interestingly, it’s not a game that Little MPB will play with me.  When I try, he totally walks away to do something else (which I’m slightly sad about, but totally love watching just how happy Little MPB is when he is playing with his Daddy).  The only way I get to “play” is if Little MPB and Mr. MPB are playing and I’m in the room, then Little MPB will use me to hide behind.

I have to admit, even though he will not play this game with me, it might be one of my most favourite things.  He is just so happy.  And I cannot get enough of his smile and laughter.  There is just something about that laughter that warms my heart.  And, I love seeing the special bond that Little MPB and Mr. MPB have.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, it’s in these moments that I realize what dreams are made of.  I cannot help but realize just how fortunate we are to be able to live this dream as it comes true.  I just cannot express how much I love Little MPB, he truly is my entire heart.

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9 Comments on “The Funnest, Most Adorable Game Ever

  1. Adorable! It’s funny how kids are different with dads than they are with moms. My husband has always been very silly with our boys and wrestled with them and tickled them a lot, but like your son, they aren’t receptive to my attempting the same games. 😉

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  2. This really warmed my heart:). My boy is the same when i chase him. May God protect our kids.

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  3. I loved this! I can just picture him running around laughing!! I can’t wait for C to get big enough to play like this 😀

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  4. I know exactly what you mean! I love, love, love seeing R and Daddy have their special little things together, but there is a part of me that feels a pang sometimes if he won’t replicate it with me. Then I remember that there are also special things that I have with him that he doesn’t replicate with Daddy. Either way, there is nothing like that exuberant laughter to warm you from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. If I do something that makes him burst out laughing, you better believe I’ll do the same thing 100x in a row until we’re both on the floor and tired from laughing so hard. It’s incredible. I have a few videos on my phone of those of fall-down-laughing moments and I replay them over and over again, especially on tough days. I wish I could bottle it somehow!

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  5. So sweet ❤️ Isn’t it funny how they only do certain things with a certain parent and not the other?? And yes the laughter is what makes the world go round.

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  6. This is so cute! I love that they have their own little game. It must bring joy to you to see them play. Luke also has something similar with his dad. When I’ve tried to replicate it Luke only gives me a quarter of the guy laughter he gives my husband. It’s really special.

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