The Things Our Dreams Are Made Of

I’ve realized that the first year of being a parent is pretty epic and pretty life changing.  I suspect this is the case for almost all parents.

Photo Source: Adapted from Clip Art

Photo Source: Adapted from Clip Art

But, I’ll admit, as we approach the Christmas holiday season I am starting to think that the first year of being a parent after loss and struggle is just a little extra sweet.

Why year one?  Well, it includes all kinds of firsts that we never thought we’d get to experience.  For a while there I honestly didn’t think we’d choose adoption.  For a while there I honestly thought we’d choose to be childless, which meant there was a time we were grieving the loss of having children, the loss of the first smiles, the first crawl, the first word, the first day of school, the first of so many things.  Obviously, in the end we followed our hearts and threw ourselves into the unknown world of adoption, and at the same time we slowly started to believe we may one day be parents.

And here we are now savouring every single first.  We have experienced so many other firsts – first bath, first camping trip, first day at home, first flight, first real food, first roll-over, first stand up, first time swimming, etc.  Soon enough we will experience a first Christmas. And most recently we experienced Mr. MPB’s first birthday as a father.

I cannot speak for parents who didn’t struggle to have children, but I know for us, every single first is extra sweet as we know how close we came to not getting to experience these moments at all.

And, if there is one positive of having survived 5 miscarriages and very nearly not having children, this is it.  We are determined to embrace these moments, celebrate milestones and simply soak up each moment.  So for us, these moments, they have been nothing short of amazing.  We are making a point to enjoy each and every second and to savour the sweet moments.

For us, these moments are the things our dreams are made of.

We know our dreams are coming true and we never want to forget just how fortunate we are to be Baby MPB’s parents and so we don’t ever want to take a second for granted. 

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12 Comments on “The Things Our Dreams Are Made Of

  1. Every word of this is true! I suspect you will cry on his first birthday. I cried like a baby every night for two weeks leading up to it and then as everyone sang, “happy birthday” to him. ❤ I’m on a mom date with my dude right now and loving it still!!!!

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  2. I love this! I feel exactly the same way. Thank you for expressing these feelings, I find myself consistently agreeing with your posts as I can fully apply a lot of what you say to my own feelings!!

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  3. I found your joy new by accident as I navigate what was “unexplained” infertility but was actually a deficiency in progesterone. I ovulate but day 21 is only 7….not enough to sustain a pregnancy EVER. I’m 36 and have been trying for 2 years. Tried for a year when I was younger as well. I’m now supplementing with prometrium right after ovulation and praying for the best. Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey and congratulations on a fun filled Christmas with your little one.

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  4. Having these same thoughts lately, especially as we struggle with the less than stellar aspects of motherhood. The struggle to have kids really affects every aspect.

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  5. So beautiful! So energizing and true. I am just starting my year one journey, but I have similar feelings. There is a very deep sense of joy in all of these big and small moments we didn’t know we would have. I am so happy you have Baby MPB. Hugs!!!

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