Wishing Time Would Slow Down

I realize that with each passing day he is growing older and changing, and that I’ll never get those baby days again.  Yet, I also realize that growing up is exactly what he’s supposed to do.  So, when Baby MPB was born, rather then mourn the days that are passing, I made made the decision to embrace and celebrate each new milestone that Baby MPB reaches.

But last night, as I watched him, I couldn’t help but wish time would slow down.

You see, he took his first step from one piece of furniture to another.  He was holding onto to furniture the entire time, so it’s not an official first step or anything like that.  He’s always loved to stand, in fact his happy place is any place he can stand.  And, in the last week or two he has started walking with us when we are holding his hands.  But, to actually be able to take a step without us, just blows my mind.

But, it’s way too soon!  Seriously, I’m not ready.  Somehow having a child who can walk makes him seem so much older then he actually is.

I know babies reach milestones at different ages, and Baby MPB seems to reach them all early.  But I really wish I could hold onto my little guy just a little while longer.  Right now all I can think about is that if I blink he’ll be off to kindergarten and the next thing I know he’ll be enrolled in college and moving out.  (Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch…).

Oh, and since when do babies do this so young?!  Somehow I feel like once he’s walking he’ll no-longer by my little baby, rather he’ll be some sort of miniature toddler.  Again, I’m just not ready.

I am beyond thankful that he’s my little boy and that he’s thriving each and every day.  Yet, today I cannot help but feel like he’s growing up too fast.

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17 Comments on “Wishing Time Would Slow Down

  1. Wow, I feel like he’s super young to start walking! Though I also know that usually babies will creep along with the help of furniture for quite a while before they can actually take steps on their own, so you probably have some time yet before that happens. (Hopefully!) Just make sure you take lots of pictures and videos to remember all of this!

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  2. Exactly. I got a foster placement at 6 months and we got the green light to adopt her so the actual adoption will be finalized in December. She is 8 months old now and growing so fast. I was so surprised that a lot of the clothes she could wear at 6 months she can’t wear anymore and she is already in 12 month old clothes. She’ll start walking any day and I can’t believe the amount of growth / development in only 2 1/2 months! Take lots of pictures!

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    • It really is amazing how quick they pick things up!! It’s like somehow over night they seem to learn something and then their is no looking back! It’s great, but it’s also a tad bit sad too. 🙂


  3. Walking or even cruising at 6 months??
    Thats super super super early. Most babies dont even sit independently until 8 months.
    At this rate, he will be skiing for his 1st birthday :))
    Hang on tight mama, your baby is in a hurry 🙂

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  4. The truth is, you will blink and be sending him off to kindergarten. It’s amazing. Everyone tells you that it goes too fast and blah, blah, blah but it’s true. And you’ll forget what he looked like at certain ages and look back on pictures and think, “I don’t remember that!”.

    He’s not going to stop being your baby when he starts walking (you have some time, even the earliest walkers do it at 8 months). He’ll still want to be cuddled and carried and loved on. Is he crawling yet? Matthew crawled early (5-6 months) and got fast quick and then was truly, independently walking when he turned 11 months but then couldn’t go as fast as when he crawled. It was NICE! It took a month or so for the running to kick in. He almost seemed more a baby when he was early walking than when he was quickly crawling.

    I do worry that Matthew will be off to college soon. He’s already more than 25% done with this time here in our house. That is a sobering idea. 😢

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    • Oh my gosh, 25% done with his time in your house – that is a sobering idea!! I cannot even imagine that thought!!
      Baby MPB is full on army crawling EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME, unless he’s standing and walking with us. He hasn’t figured out how to move around on his knees, and I honestly suspect he’s going to skip that. My guess (and who knows if I’ll be right) is that within 3-4 weeks he’ll be taking his first real independent steps. I am just in awe of how quickly he is picking up anything related to movement!


  5. One of my friends has a daughter who started walking at SEVEN MONTHS. She was the tiniest little thing, and she’d just be walking around like, “What?” while everyone stared. The one thing that helped me not totally fall apart as Charlotte has grown is just that every stage is so much more fun than the previous one. I look at her newborn photos and I ache, but then we’re standing in the living room and she’s trying to spin around in circles like me and she’s just laughing and falling on repeat. It’s the best. And it keeps getting better.

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    • Because our little guy has always been so active everyone keeps telling me the story of the 6 or 7 month old baby that walks. I’m excited for him to keep learning and exploring, but I want him to stay a little baby just a little longer!
      And, I am going to hold onto your comment that “it keeps getting better”. 🙂


  6. Holy crap-a-moly! That’s super fast. BeeGee has been rolling from front to back already here which is a bit early too. I don’t want her to reach her milestones early waaaaaah lol so I know how you feel. Xx

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