This Week’s Goal: Survive

This week is going to be INSANE!

Let me give you a brief glance into my week:

  1. Old nanny’s last day and new nanny starts.  First, I’m hoping the old nanny shows up for her last day.  Second, I’m desperately hoping the new nanny works out.
  2. Work Day 1 – Day-trip for a meeting.  I’m hosting a meeting and flying round trip in one day.  I’m already exhausted just thinking about it.
  3. Work Day 2 – Day-trip for a meeting.  I’m driving 7 hours round trip to attend 1 meeting.  Again, likely all in one day (if I’m really tired I’ll get a hotel for the night rather then drive back home).  And again, I’m exhausted just thinking about it.
  4. In order to attend both of these meetings, I had better find some time to prepare for them!
  5. Mr. MPB is supposed to work at some point during the week as well – I’m wishing him luck.
  6. Baby MPB has decided that sleeping through the night is for chumps.  He’s determined to convince us that the day starts between 3am and 4am – we aren’t buying into this little plan of his.  But, unfortunately as we try to reset his internal clock no-one is sleeping well in the MPB household.  Even the dog looks tired.
  7. We are going to visit our friends who just moved.  This means we are undertaking the longest drive we’ve ever done with Baby MPB.  I’m dreading it (the drive, not the visit with friends).
  8. Baby MPB has vaccinations.  Clearly that will be fun for all involved.

So, needless to say, I have just one goal for the week – survive it!  If I can make it through the week, we will get to enjoy a few days away with friends who in all likelihood supply us with alcohol, feed us delicious meals and love Baby MPB to pieces.

Oh, and as an added bonus, if I survive until our weekend away, I get to meet an awesome blogger and amazing friend and her rainbow baby in real life!!  So clearly, I have to survive the week so that I can meet them!

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11 Comments on “This Week’s Goal: Survive

  1. Wish you luck 🙂 if I can ease your mind on one thing, 6 month vaccinations are a breeze, just one needle and doesnt hurt. Its just a booster, no fever etc expected.

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  2. Wow what a week. I hope everything goes more smoothly than expected and enjoy your blogger meeting this weekend! So cool!!

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  3. Sometimes having just that one goal is the best you can hope for. I believe that dashed expectations are the cause of a lot of unhappiness, so I actually think you’re smart to set the bar low.

    Here’s hoping the week goes better than you think it will.


  4. Good luck!! I hope everything goes smoothly with the nanny situation, and that you have safe trips. Sounds like you’ll have some good rewards once you hit the end of the week, so just take it one day at a time and you’ll get there!

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  5. Yay for the exciting blogger meet up and weekend away. Boo for so much work travel and sleep regressions 😦 Hope baby MPB gets over the 3am dance party pretty soon.

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