Saying Goodbye

We hosted over 30 people last week to say goodbye to a very dear friend.  The party went wonderfully, clearly she has impacted many people and is going to be missed.

You see, she’s one of those people who care deeply and love without hesitation.  She’s one of those people who you can call when you’ve had a bad day or text at 3am when your wide awake worrying about something.  She’s one of those people that leads by example and always holds true to her word.

Shes the type of person who when we completely screwed up our work schedules, she took time off work to take care of Baby MPB.

She’s one of those people that I’m thankful to have had in my life. In fact? She’s the type of friend that everyone needs in their life.

She’s the type of person who saying goodbye to feels like the air is being sucked out of the room.

Saying goodbye makes my heart hurts as I contemplate our futures which will not include weekly visits.  She’s an honourary aunt to Baby MPB and now he will not get to see her all the time. I only feel sadness that he will not have as close of a relationship with her as he grows up.

Yet, rationally I know life will go on.  So all I can do is hope we both work to maintain our friendship.  And hope our futures will be as intertwined as our pasts have been.

And so I refuse to say goodbye. So instead I’m going to say, see you soon!  (In fact, see you in 12 days when we attempt a multi-province drive with Baby MPB to visit her new home).

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12 Comments on “Saying Goodbye

  1. Hope you guys can work things out to see each other at least a hand full of times every year! At least in this age of technology you can still keep in touch easily, and even do face time if you want. Saying good bye to good friends is hard, I’ve had to do it too often. But a true friend will always be there for you, no matter where they live.

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  2. At first I thought you meant the friend had passed away, so initially I was relieved as I read on. Phewf! I understand how profound the void is when a great friend and someone whose impact is more like family, moves. Sounds like you all are so mutually lucky for each other and I hope will be able to stay in close touch electronically until that much awaited visit is near! xo

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    • Oh my gosh, I didn’t even think about the perception that she died!!! Thank God that’s not the case! But I’m sorry the way I wrote this made it sound like she had died! But on the plus side I’m now thankful she just moved, that’s a lot better then the alternative!

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  3. Oh I’m glad your friend isn’t dead! I have been away a few days and didn’t initially realise. I think you can definitely have a long distance relationship. It won’t be the same but… I think you can do it. You obviously have a great foundation of friendship to build on.

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  4. It’s so nice you have such a wonderful friend and so sad that distance is now an issue. It sure does sound like you guys will be keeping in touch and I know your friendship will remain strong!

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  5. I too thought she had passed so I’m very much happy to hear that she is moving and this is not a permanent good bye! It’s still so hard to have to get used to a different norm in your friendship but she sounds like an amazing person who will continue to put effort into your relationship, even though it’s at a distance now.

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