My Perfect Breakdown


I have no idea why, but one person gave LIttle MPB 7 brand new pairs of baby shoes when he was born.  And, they are really good shoes – Bobux, Nike and Geox.  It was a great gift because we figured we wouldn’t need to buy shoes for Baby MPB for a few years.  7 pairs of shoes, in 7 different sizes seemed perfect. Until, I forgot we were given them.  So, this weekend I went and bought… Read More

We are in some sort of weird baby stage. I have no idea what’s going on. It seems as though every week he changes one significant thing. His feeding habits are changing.  We forced him to give up his 3am bottle before Christmas (best thing we ever could have done considering our crazy Christmas and our adult need for sleep).  Then, two weeks ago while he was sick he chose to give up his… Read More