My Perfect Breakdown


I am not a shopper.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that I despise shopping. I am okay with grocery shopping because it’s a basic life necessity.  I’m also much better at it then Mr. MPB – I shop sales and buy based on what’s on sale where as he shops based on his stomach at the time.  But alas, I digress, our grocery shopping styles is most definitely… Read More

Mr. MPB recently came home and declared: You wear the mommy outfit! Umm…yes honey, I do.  But if anything, I’ve taken it a step down from most mom’s. You mean, you know about the mommy outfit? Yup.  My mummy outfit consists of leggings, t-shirt and hoodie, matched with flat shoes (or slippers if I’m at home).  In the summer there are 2 slight variations – sandals, not shoes and short/capri leggings.  And… Read More