Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes

I have no idea why, but one person gave LIttle MPB 7 brand new pairs of baby shoes when he was born.  And, they are really good shoes – Bobux, Nike and Geox.  It was a great gift because we figured we wouldn’t need to buy shoes for Baby MPB for a few years.  7 pairs of shoes, in 7 different sizes seemed perfect.

Until, I forgot we were given them.  So, this weekend I went and bought Baby MPB more shoes because he is now walking almost all the time (which is beyond adorable and so much fun).  And of course, I let Baby MPB wear his new shoes to the mall play area and then home so he’d get used to walking in them.

Needless to say, when I got home Mr. MPB reminded me about the 7 boxes of shoes.  So, I went to Little MPB’s room to find the boxes, all the while thinking the new shoes aren’t a big deal, he’ll just have two pairs of size 5 shoes.  One for inside at daycare and the pair I just bought for outside.

It turns out 4 of the 7 pairs of shoes are size 5!!  He now has 5 pairs of size 5 shoes.  Ops!

So, as much as I hate to do it, I’m pretty sure I’ll be re-gifting some adorable baby shoes because I just don’t know think he needs 5 pairs of shoes at this age.

Oh, and to add to my crazy, he has 3 pairs of rain boots sitting on our kitchen table.  Although, this was done intentionally as we have no idea what size his feet will be this summer so we bought one of each size (5, 6, and 7) and we will just return the ones he doesn’t need (the store we bought them from doesn’t have a time limit on returns).

Much to Mr. MPB’s dismay, I think I may be giving Baby MPB my love of shoes at a very young age.

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9 Comments on “Shoes, Shoes and More Shoes

  1. Omg so excited for baby rain boots!!! I’m the kind of person who goes barefoot all summer and wears the same pair of boots all fall and winter. My wife has about 20 pairs of super nice shoes. So far Avery’s getting my shoe habits, but I’m sure that will change when she starts walking!

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  2. The shoes do accumulate quickly and partly because they are so tiny and cute. My daughter has more in my mini-van than I have total in my closet. And sadly she likes to go barefoot most of the time. Lol.

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  3. Oh no! You should totally regift them! Some of those shoes can be expensive too! Luke managed to kick one of his off on a walk a few weeks back and when I realized it when we got home I loaded him up in the car to find it (right before a school bus ran over it thankfully!)

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  4. I am a shoe addict…for my son. I rarely buy them for myself but I am always getting them for my son. He’s 19 months old so he’s all about walking 100% of the time (unless he wants to be carried by me) so he’s putting more wear and tear on his footwear, so I just make sure I have a few different options available. He also has ridiculously fat feet so I’m forever trying to find styles that I can actually wedge onto his feet. But now, with all the walking, I just love pairing the best pair of shoes with his outfits!!

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    • I love it! We’ve actually started matching his shoes to his outfits too!
      I have ridiculously flat feet – I’ve always been told it will cause me problems one day so to wear really good supportive shoes. For what it’s worth, to this day I have never experienced a problem as a result of my flat feet. 🙂


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