My Perfect Breakdown


I will never profess to be an expert in adoption language.  In fact, I know I’ve gotten it wrong before.  And I’m okay with people correcting me.  In fact, so long as it’s polite and constructive, I’m always open to learning.  And my theory is that anything I can learn to help my son navigate his feelings around adoption, can only be good for him and our family.  And so, I expect this continual learning to be… Read More

When we chose international adoption to grow our family, we were quoted $25,000 – $40,000 USD.  Something we thought we could manage over a few years. It was almost as though the second we signed on the dotted line, our costs started going up.  One surprise payment after another.  Eventually we were so far into it, that there was literally no turning back.  And so we actually stopped counting the dollars we… Read More