My Perfect Breakdown


As our children played together, the following polite conversation unfolded with someone I’ve met three times in my life: Random person: He’s adopted, right? Me: Yes. Random person: You got him from Mexico? Me: Nope, we adopted through the USA. Random person: Oh…are you guys going to adopt again? Me: Nope, after all we’ve been through, we are so thankful for Little MPB that we are one and done. I’ve learned a… Read More

I am facing a new reality, blogging is different for me today than it was six months ago. I used to focus solely on our recurrent pregnancy loss struggles. This meant I wrote about: Emotions behind losing babies and losing dreams. Emotions surrounding getting pregnant again after loss. Challenges of navigating a medical system that seems to know nothing about recurrent miscarriage. Having substantial fears related to experiencing another loss. What it… Read More