Nesting at It’s Finest: Inspired by Cookie Monster

I may be slightly biased, but I think Mr. MPB is a pretty amazing man and I know he is going to be an amazing father one day.  You see, we don’t even have a child yet as we are waiting for an adoption match and placement.  Yet, he still wants to spend his free time on a Saturday doing something fun for our child(ren).  Thankfully, he’s rather creative and enjoys making things.  I on the other hand, do not.  I learned to sew as a kid only because I was forced to, I made crafts in Brownies which I hated, and I literally cried at the thought of art class in elementary school (I just couldn’t draw a nice enough horse and it was tear worthy in my mind!!).

But, Mr. MPB had a great idea.  The idea was so great that I put aside my hatred for crafts and agreed to help.  In fact, I liked it so much I talked about it constantly for a few days and virtually dragged him to the store to make it happen.

So, when we haven’t been working or dealing with unexpected home reno’s, we’ve been crafting and nesting.

Here’s what we’ve done:

1. We built a shelf from IKEA.  If you don’t count the fact that we survived a trip to Ikea unscathed, it’s not a huge accomplishment in and of itself.  But, it was a much needed first step.

20150723 - Nesting at It's Finest12. We unwrapped the toy hiding containers (from IKEA), in kid friendly colours (as opposed to my preferred black which can be found throughout our home).

20150723 - Nesting at It's Finest33. We, rather Mr. MPB, learned how to upholster a cushion seat from nothing.  We used some plywood cut to size, foam for the cushion, a staple gun and fabric.  We selected the fabric  (from IKEA) because it was on sale and we think it dark enough to help hide the odd kid created stain.

20150723 - Nesting at It's Finest24. We made a Cookie Monster inspired rug.

5. We started putting all the pieces together and added a few toys.

6. And now we have the world’s cutest kids corner in our basement!

20150802 - Nesting At Its Finest_3

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59 Comments on “Nesting at It’s Finest: Inspired by Cookie Monster

  1. Wow! I am so impressed by your craftiness! This little area is just adorable, and I love how you coordinated all the colors and made it cozy. 🙂 Way to go with the nesting!!!


  2. Wow! Mr. MPB is multitalented! You guys did a great job with the storage bench. I love it. I wish we had more space in our house for something like that, as I’d totally make one too! Well done you guys. And the Cookie Monster rug is adorable too. I love the eyeballs lol.


  3. I love it!! Its awesome. You may need to tear off cookie monster’s eyes when the baby is here, but this is adorbs!! And very inspiring. Too bad my crafts skill is not even elementary and my husband cannot tell orange from pink!


    • Ya, we thought about the eyes being problematic so the eyes are made out of cotton yarn so they are sort of soft and harmless for a kid to dig at, and the black eyeballs are easy to cut off if need be and reattach later. But it’s definitely a adult supervision rug. :). And it really wasn’t that hard to make, I bet you and your husband would do just fine. 🙂


  4. I love this!!! I just showed D and said can you make me this bench! He is the creative one in our house as well. I find it and ask him to make it lol. Looks great!


    • We found the material for the rug at a fabric store. I have no idea what type of fabric it is, asides from furry. :). As for the bright colours, I’m usually pretty boring with earth tones so this is pushing me out of my comfort zone, probably in a good way. 🙂

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  5. I love everything about this! Especially the rug (which I just might have to duplicate)!! Good job – your baby(ies) will love this 🙂


    • Thanks! I use lightroom, which is a photo editing software. But, I used to use PowerPoint which i suspect you already have – just load your photo in PowerPoint, add a text box on the corner, group them as one item and then save the grouped photo as a new JPEG. It’s nice and easy. 🙂


    • Isn’t it?! I’m petrified of the plastic toys taking over so I’m trying to find ways to hide things. 🙂
      Also, it wasn’t terribly expensive. The shelf and the cushion foam is the most expensive part. (I didn’t think, I should have looked on Craigslist for a used one to make it even cheaper). The baskets aren’t too expensive and we bought discontinued and discounted fabric so it was really affordable.


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