To Cut or Not To Cut?

So, Baby MPB has learned to pull hair.

More specifically, Baby MPB has learned to grab onto my hair with some sort of baby death grip.  He then proceeded to yank the handful of hair as hard as he possibly can, or at least I assume he’s pulling as hard as he can.  And, honestly, I desperately hope he cannot pull harder!

He has also managed to grab onto the dog‘s hair a few times.  Interestingly and surprisingly the dog doesn’t seem to mind when he pulls out clumps of her hair (although we still will never leave them unattended together just to be safe).

No matter how many times I tell him to be gentle he simply doesn’t understand the concept of gentle yet.  Unfortunately.

However, we’ve discovered that I do not have the tolerance that our dog has.

Honestly, it hurts. And, I just don’t enjoy pain.


So, my debate right now is should I cut all my hair off, or should I wait this phase out?

My hair is currently a bob cut and about chin length.  It’s been this way for a few years.  This is actually long for me – I’m actually used to very short hair (think cropped/pixie cut) – in fact, I probably haven’t been able to put my hair in a pony tail since I was a young child.   So, I’ve had short hair the majority of my life.  Honestly, I think I cut my hair really short for the first time when I was about 13 years old.  So, short isn’t particularly scary for me, but it requires daily effort and more frequent hair cuts.

I’m usually pretty willing to change my hair style on a whim.

And now, thanks to the constant hair pulling I’m tempted to go short again.

It’s not the biggest decision of my life, but I’m just not sure what to do.  Something tells me it’ll be a game time decision at my next appointment.

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16 Comments on “To Cut or Not To Cut?

  1. My nephew has started pulling hair as well! He is 8 months old. That is just how he holds on to people now, even his dad. It seems it doesn’t matter how short, they find a way. ANd you are right, it hurts! They have a way of getting those little hairs! Ouch!

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  2. Hahaha, chop it! It’ll just get worse when he’s a toddler and he pulls hair when he doesn’t get his way… (speaking from current life experience) I may just shave my head. 🙂

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  3. Avery has started pulling my hair for balance when I hold her. I need to keep my hair in a high bun with no loose pieces if I want to keep her hands off of it, but with a bob you probably can’t put it up, so I would go with a short cut. Pixie cuts are so easy to maintain!

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  4. I put my hair in one of those net hats. This was to stop my post partum hair loss from falling all over the house. I still wear it and there is no hair pulling either.
    I find short hair stressful, you cannot just tie it up and leave!

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  5. I’ve also always been a short hair girl. If you return to short, do it for you and remember to find a good product and get an excellent cut. I have a couple of go-to products that make things super simple for me when getting ready. Find what you like and keep it simple. I see what my twins do to my MIL’s hair… I just don’t think I could take it!

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  6. I’ve lived the last 3 years with my hair in a ponytail so feel your pain (literally) No matter how short your hair, however, short of a crew cut they still manage to grab it and pull it out 😉

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  7. Pixie cuts are super cute so go for it! I can’t pull off shorter cuts because of my face shape, so I don’t know what I will do when we have kids!

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  8. Aww! Can you maybe wear it in a pony / bun in the house? I’m guessing it’s something he’ll grow out of! I guess if you’re not too bothered about short hair then it doesn’t matter, but it seems a bit drastic to cut it all off! 😂

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  9. Neither of my kids were hair pullers, but my sisters kids all were/are (currently is on her 4th). She cut her hair with #1 and it made no difference, do hasn’t cut it for the other 3. My kids pull my pony tail now for Balance as they’re getting dressed and I hate it, but it doesn’t hurt. It’s just really annoying. 🙄

    If you like shorter hair, then do it! But don’t plan on it making too big a difference in the pulling. They always find a way!!!!

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  10. It never even crossed my mind that such tiny hands had such strong grips! My son is just a newborn but reading your post has made me consider cutting my hair even shorter, hopefully I don’t have a hair puller in my hands

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  11. I prefer being able to put my hair up I feel like it hanging down is just like having a ton of toys flopping around too tempting for them to not grab on to! I went through it with my youngest stepson and many of my nephews and neices I cut my hair off this summer because of the heat and now its should be long enough to put up and out of the way by the time he is able to death grip my hair!

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  12. Maeve has pulled my hair since about 7-8 months. She will be 18 months on Sunday and she still grabs it and will.not.let.go. She FULLY understands when I ask her to let go but it’s one of the only things she refuses to listen to. So, he may grow out of it or may not and if you like your hair shorter anyway maybe it will save a lot of frustration. Although, I’m inclined to think that if they like to pull they will do it no mater the length.

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