According To Our Doctor It’s The Best Way

Baby MPB has another fever.  Although, I have to admit it’s a weird fever, he’s acting perfectly fine except he has a fever.

So I discussed this fever with a very good friend over lunch.  Somehow we started discussing how I actually take Baby MPB’s temperature – she asked if I use an ear thermometer.  And me, being ever so blunt, said nope, we do it up the butt, according to our doctor it’s the best way.

She knew the context of the conversation and nodded along. And then she started laughing and said imagine being the people at the next table and hearing that sentence in isolation!  We could both only imagine what the table of men in suits was thinking!  Or what the older lady at the other table near by was thinking!

One upon the time if I heard someone using the words up the butt I would have assumed that they were speaking about some sort of sexual escapade. Some sort of escapade that I probably didn’t actually want to know about!

Now, I’m a mom. And it turns out up the butt means how a parent takes their infant’s temperature.

Oh, how my life has changed!  And honestly, temperature taking and all, I’m so thrilled to be Baby MPB’s mom.

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7 Comments on “According To Our Doctor It’s The Best Way

  1. I love this!! I’m sure I’ll be having conversations like this myself soon enough. I’ve already found that even though I’m a fairly modest person, the past few days I could have cared less how many people saw my boobs while I was trying to nurse…which is good, since there was an endless parade of people in our room! I’m going to start going to a new moms group, and a friend has added me to 2 Le Leche League groups on Facebook. Let the mommy bonding begin!

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