104 Degrees

Baby MPB is sick.  It’s his first illness.

He woke up with a fever.  He was warm to the touch and we measured his temperature to be 102 degrees F (39 C).

We happened to have a doctor friend stopping by to visit that morning, so we had easy access to a doctor.

We tried cooling him down and giving him baby Tylenol.

His temperature kept increasing.  He became more and more lethargic.  He stopped eating and even drinking.

When his temperature surpassed 104 degrees F (40 C), we decided with the support of our friend that it was time to go to the Emergency at the Children’s Hospital.  As Mr. MPB drove, I sat in the back with Baby MPB – his tiny hand held onto my finger as he drifted in and out of sleep.

When we arrived Mr. MPB stopped at the front entrance.  I quickly gathered up my little boy into my arms and I dashed inside with him.  Mr. MPB joined us after parking the car.  As we waited, I wouldn’t let go of my sweet little boy, he slept in my arms.

Rationally, I knew he was in the best place possible under the watchful eye of a pediatrician and a team of nurses.  But, my heart was breaking as I watched helplessly as my little boy was suffering in my arms.

The pediatrician and nurses were great.  Asides from the fever, an elevated heart rate and a lack of energy, Baby MPB checked out completely fine.  In fact, the only action he would make was to open his eyes and smile at the doctor and the nurses when they were checking him out – he really is a very smiley happy boy.

So, they started giving Baby MPB some medicine to get his fever to break. If it didn’t work, then we would move onto more invasive testing – blood work and urine testing.


Thankfully, it worked.  His fever started to drop, ever so slightly.  And he appeared to have a bit more energy as he took a few ounces of formula.

Once we knew the fever was dropping we were released from the hospital, as it is a balance of staying in the hospital under the watchful eye of the doctor and risking catching an even worse bug.  We were given very clear instructions for watching him and when to bring him back.  Interestingly they are not so concerned about his temperature, the focus is on his actions (or lack thereof).  If he’s lethargic or not drinking, we need to go back.

And so now we wait.  We wait to see how his body fights this infection over the next few days.

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29 Comments on “104 Degrees

  1. Omg! Poor boy!! I hope he feels better really soon. Must be so scary for you 😦


  2. SO sorry friend. We were dealing with fevers last week. She ended up diagnosed with Roseola. I hope Baby MPB starts feeling better soon!


  3. I hope he gets well soon! Hang in there mama. My pediatrician’s first question is always if there is a change in behavior/is baby lethargic? Only once did I see my daughter lethargic and it scared me. Can’t believe baby MPB was still smiling, he really is a happy boy!


  4. Oh, little babe! Get better soon! Baby illness is so scary, and it’s awful to see them suffering when you can’t tell them what’s happening or that it’ll get better. S just had his first about a week and a half ago, so lots of solidarity from a fellow mama.


  5. I have chills reading this. I know that must have been so scary but I’m so glad he’s on the mend. I know it must have been so hard to see him suffering. Luke had a slight fever (not even a fever in some doctors opinions) after his 6 month vaccinations and I was SO worried. It broke my heart to see him uncomfortable and I know you were the same with baby MPB. Please keep us updated and give him extra snuggles!


  6. Having a sick babe is the worst, you feel so helpless. Hugs and skin on skin – lots – makes me feel better anyways. Hang in there MPB fam


  7. Did they tell you to start advil and Tylenol immediately next time before coming in? I didn’t know that and the doctor said to start that right when a fever shows up before coming in. Takes the edge off for baby. But so track what the fever was before the meds – they like knowing that when you go in!

    I’m glad it’s nothing major. At this age, an ear infection is major. I wonder what’s gotten its hooks in poor BMPB…


  8. Oh no…I’m sorry your little guy isn’t feeling well. I hope his fever has stayed down and he’s getting some of baby energy back. Sending you guys love…a sick baby is always a difficult thing.


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