My Perfect Breakdown


Baby MPB has been drugged constantly to keep his fever at a more manageable level for the last few days.  Now, he’s turned bright red with a rash from head to toe. So, we consulted Dr. Google.  His symptoms match Roseola perfectly.  Or, while more unlikely, it could be the mumps or measles.  But, as I am well aware that Dr. Google does not replace a real doctor.  And while it’s unlikely… Read More

Baby MPB is now is teething again.  So in addition to his on-going high fever, he is now cutting through a tooth.  And it is not going well. The last 2 teeth he handled without even really noticing them.  This tooth, on the other hand, not so much.  I’m pretty sure it’s trying to suck any remaining enjoyment out of his life. Baby MPB is officially not sleeping for more then 2… Read More