My Perfect Breakdown


2018 ended with high stress in the MPB household – Sick toddler, Christmas crazy, unpleasant family visits, etc. But, I kept telling myself we’d be okay because we were spending 10 days in Hawaii at the beginning of January. And honestly, what can go wrong in Hawaii? Just Little MPB, Mr. MPB and I. No computers. No work. No family drama. Just the three of us, enjoying the beach, the pool, the… Read More

Baby MPB is sick.  It’s his first illness. He woke up with a fever.  He was warm to the touch and we measured his temperature to be 102 degrees F (39 C). We happened to have a doctor friend stopping by to visit that morning, so we had easy access to a doctor. We tried cooling him down and giving him baby Tylenol. His temperature kept increasing.  He became more and more… Read More